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The Massive Success of Apple M1

Apple has recently launched its very first processing chip; the M1 ARM Silicon. Despite the reservations a lot of people had about all the ways investing in the new M1-chip-powered MacBook could go horribly wrong, the M1 chip has thoroughly impressed critics. 

The M1 chip utilizes eight cores (half for efficiency and the other half for high power loads) and offers up to 18 hours of battery life for the new 13-inch model. It uses Rosetta 2 technology and adapt applications made for Intel chips so they can be used on the M1 ARM machines. 

apple m1 core processor

What’s more? The Apple Silicon has outdone the currently mass-utilized Qualcomm-made processors by far. The M1 Chip hit 1300 in single-core on Geekbench 5, and 5400 in multi-core. In comparison, the Surface Pro X weighs in with 800 in single-core and 3000 in multi-core. Interestingly enough, Windows 10 on ARM is performing undeniably better and faster on Apples new M1 ARM chip as compared to Microsoft’s own OS; SQ2 ARM CPU (the processer commonly being utilized on the Surface Pro X).

The M1 Chip currently powers the new MacBook Pro, Air, and the Mac mini PC and has given Windows the motivation they need to push themselves to accelerate the Windows ARM. 

Will Windows run on Apple Silicon M1 Macs? - Macworld UK
image via Macworld UK

Furthermore, it is estimated by IBM’s AI Strategist that using the M1 Chip extensively by replacing the Intel Core chips with it could save up Apple Inc. up to $2.5 Billion. The production of the M1 chip would come up to around $40-50 while the Intel Chips cost Apple around $175-250.

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