Latest LPG Price in Pakistan 2024: A Slight Increase

Latest LPG Price in Pakistan 2024: A Slight Increase

LPG Price in Pakistan 

Today LPG Rate

Not a good news for you all as the LPG price has up a little this month. The OGRA LPG rate today has increased by nearly Rs.1.57 per kg. The culprit behind this increase is the global petroleum price. It is important to remember that the petrol & diesel prices have not changed this month (petrol price stays still while diesel price is down).

Now, you might be wondering, “What’s the big deal with LPG? How does it impact our daily lives?” Well, stick around, and we’ll spill the beans on that, along with a pinch of how it influences the prices of items we buy.

Let’s start with the OGRA LPG prices.

LPG Price in Pakistan Today

For all of you who are concerned with the LPG gas price in Pakistan, we are here with today’s LPG rate.

OGRA LPG PricesNew Price (Rs.)
LPG per kg256.43
Home / Domestic Cylinder 11.8 kg3025.87
Commercial Cylinder (45.4 kg)11641.91

The new LPG prices are effective from 1-Jan-2024.


Uses of LPG and How it Can Impact Overall Prices?

Many of us don’t even know about the LPG full form. LPG stands for Liquefied Petroleum Gas. It is crucial for many of us. Particularly in areas where natural gas is unavailable or subject to extreme load shedding, LPG becomes a crucial resource for cooking and heating. It is also widely used in restaurants, rickshaws, and various industries as a fuel source.

The increase in LPG prices can have many impacts on the common people, especially low-income families, affecting their essential expenses. Furthermore, it may directly contribute to price hikes in restaurants & small food stalls, rickshaw fares, and products associated with industries that rely on LPG as fuel.



Overall, it’s a not welcoming news, especially when considering the petrol & diesel prices remained unchanged. But keep in mind that Saudi Aramco-CP has increased by 1.6% but the dollar rate has decreased by around 0.86% (as per a news outlet). It may be the reason behind this price increase of nearly 0.62%. Let’s hope that the gas will be available at the rate stated above as market rate is generally higher than government rate.

At which rate are you buying LPG in your area? Tell us in the comment section below.

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