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Honda City- A Class Apart

Honda City; An Icon in the Pakistani Sedan Market

Despite the advent of competitors such as the Toyota Yaris, the Honda City holds its strong fan base because of its industry-leading quality.

The Honda City is extremely versatile and ensures a comfortable driving experience on all kinds of terrain. This makes it a great car for the inter-city driving, but also a great car for rugged outskirts across the country. The high ground clearance ensures that it can handle road bumps and potholes without much difficulty. The interior space of the City is a big plus point for the buyer and can easily accommodate 5 adults. The 506L trunk capacity can carry large luggage which makes the Honda City a great car for long journeys with the family. Even with a full load, the modern suspension is robust enough to deliver a comfortable ride for all passengers.

Car Features/Specs (Value For Money, Fuel Economy) 

Honda has priced the City smartly as the most economical entry-level sedan with a starting price of PKR 2,449,000. The Honda City comes in many variants and thus gives the buyer a lot of variety to choose from; with 1.3L, 1.5L and the premium 1.5L Aspire model available in both manual and automatic transmissions.

Fuel efficiency is a major concern for everyone in Pakistan and the Honda City’s i-VTEC engine doesn’t disappoint on that front. It maintains a good balance between power delivery and fuel efficiency. The highly efficient engine delivers excellent numbers ranging from 14 to18km/l that are among the best in its class. The fuel efficiency of this car makes it a hot favourite among car buyers across Pakistan.


Pakistan’s road conditions can be quite challenging for any vehicle; thus, the durability of a car is of prime importance. In this respect, the Honda City has maintained a reputable standing as a durable car that can endure even the most rugged terrain. From a mechanical standpoint, it’s a very well-built vehicle, ideal for Pakistani road conditions and it has also proven to be a low maintenance vehicle. Because Honda offers a 3-year comprehensive warranty on this car, owners are assured trouble-free operation for a long time.

The reliability of the City also has a positive impact on its resale value. It holds its value over time and remains in high demand in the used-car market; selling quickly and at a good price. A vast majority of second-hand buyers are satisfied with the build quality and reliability of the vehicle and can expect a long service life even with a second-hand City, thus making it one of the best investments one could make in a vehicle.

 The Honda City Legacy

Honda City has made its place on the roads and in the hearts of the Pakistani consumer. Honda has kept upgrading the car over the years with the addition of an automatic transmission, 1.5L engine, ABS, 3-year warranty, immobilizer, navigation, multimedia system and more.

There is a lot of anticipation for Honda’s new generation of vehicles which could strengthen the legacy of the City and give it a much-needed boost and re-vamp. While the launch is at least a year away, hopes are at an all-time high to see how Honda outdoes itself.

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