5 Cars That You Can Buy Under PKR 3.0 Million


Buying a vehicle is indeed a serious task as it is considered to be the second most important thing after buying a house. 

In the previous article, we told you about Honda cars that you can buy for under 1.5 million rupees to help you choose a car of your need. Here, in this blog, we are going to mention the vehicles that you can purchase under PKR 3.0 million. So, buckle up and have a read.


1. Toyota Yaris

Let’s start with the all-new Toyota Yaris which was launched in the market to replace Toyota Corolla XLi and GLi. The company has introduced the vehicle in six different trims with either manual or automatic transmissions, and also in two different engine options: 1.3L and 1.5L. The price of Yaris ranges from PKR 2,509,000 (ex-factory) to PKR 2,999,000 (ex-factory).

Yaris is equipped with features like ABS, airbags, immobilizer, etc. which are a must in today’s vehicles. Moreover, due to its brand, the car will have a good resale value and the maintenance cost would be economical. There will be no spare parts issues as well.


2. Changan Alsvin

Changan has taken the auto industry by storm with the launch of its sedan namely Alsvin. The company entered the Pakistani auto industry in collaboration with Master Motors which already has a good reputation in the industry.

Alsvin has been launched in three variants, Alsvin 1.3L MT Comfort, Alsvin 1.5L DCT Comfort, Alsvin 1.5L DCT Lumiere, which you can purchase under PKR 30 lacs. The car is a direct competitor to Honda City, Kia Picanto, Suzuki Cultus, and Toyota Yaris. 

It comes in two different engine options paired with both auto and manual transmissions. The top-of-the-line variant has all the features which come in premium cars such as Sunroof, Start-Stop Technology, Cruise control, TPMS, etc.

The future success of the car depends upon the after-sale services provided by Changan Motors across the country. Let’s wait and see how the company caters to the needs of the consumers. 


3. Suzuki Ciaz

Suzuki Ciaz was launched in 2017 in two variants and five different color options. 

Suzuki Ciaz is a front-engine, front-wheel-drive sedan which houses both manual and automatic transmission. It is equipped with a 1.4 Litre 16 valve DOHC Inline-4 VVT-i Engine that produces 91 HP at 6000 RPM and churns out 130 Nm of torque at 4000 RPM. You can easily buy a Suzuki Ciaz for under PKR 3.0 million. 

The car is equipped with all basic features such as airbags, air conditioner, power steering, power windows, ABS, etc. Additionally, the car has an ample amount of space in the interior for five adults, however, you might find the ride quality of the car stiff. 


4. Honda City

The ghost of the past is none other than Honda City which has been in the market for over 10 years now. The current fifth-generation was launched in 2009 and got minor model changes along the way. It is imperative to mention here that the company has started the booking of the next-generation City, but has not yet started to ship the car to the customers.

The particular vehicle is being sold in the market in six different trim levels with both 1.3L and 1.5L engine options coupled with manual or automatic transmission. The 1.5L engine version was released in 2013. One of the harshest criticisms of the car is its lack of airbags– which is a basic safety feature in cars across the globe. 

Despite the criticism, the vehicle is a hot favorite among college students and families due to its fuel mileage and good resale value. You can buy the car for under PKR 30 lacs. 


5. Suzuki Swift

Now for the buyers who aren’t interested in sedans, here we have a hatchback for you guys from Pak Suzuki– a segment dominated by the company. The first generation Swift was launched in Pakistan back in 2010. The car is equipped with a 1300cc engine, the same engine which was previously present in Suzuki Liana. 

At first, the car didn’t receive a good response from the buyers, however, after the discontinuation of cultus VXL, the sales improved. As of now, the vehicle is available in two different options: Swift DLX 1.3 Navigation and Swift DLX Automatic 1.3 Navigation. After adding all the taxes the prices are below Rs 3 million. 

Same as Honda City, this car also has not been equipped with airbags which is why it often comes under strict scrutiny by car buyers. Note that the car will be discontinued soon. 

Hope you have enjoyed the article. Drop your suggestions in the comments section.

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  1. Same as Honda City, this car also has not been equipped with airbags which is why it often comes under strict scrutiny by car buyers. Note that the car will be discontinued soon.

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