Why Are Electric Bikes the Future of Pakistan?

Why Are Electric Bikes the Future of Pakistan?

Electric bikes are becoming popular all over the globe. In 2020 alone, the electric motorcycles market held a 30% revenue share of the entire motorcycle market. In Pakistan, electric bikes are also gaining popularity. Jolta is an example.  

You must be wondering, are electric bikes the future of Pakistan? Well, the answer is simply “Yes!”. Before we go any further, it is important to understand what an electric bike is. 

It is a motorcycle that has an electric motor (powered by a battery) instead of an engine. It means many complexities associated with combustion engines aren’t simply there. 

Now that you know what an electric bike is, let us see why electric motorcycles are the future of Pakistan.

Save Money

One of the most important reasons why electric motorcycles will dominate the local market is their less energy consumption. Some bikes consume around 1.5-2 units of electricity on a single charge and travel up to 80km – 100 km. at low-speed settings. The cost of 1.5 – 2 units is around Rs.35 – Rs.45 in Pakistan. It means a person can travel up to 100 Km under Rs.50.

For the same distance, many 70cc bikes with an average of 50-60 km/l consume around 1.7 – 2 liters of petrol. Petrol price in Pakistan is around Rs.150 per liter these days. So, a 70cc bike can consume Rs.255 – Rs.300 petrol to travel 100 Km.

See how much the difference is? These values may vary depending upon various factors. However, the electric bike will always be a cheaper option for traveling than a combustion engine bike. It is the reason why it is the most suitable for low to middle-income families.

According to Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA) 1.8M bikes were sold in 2020 – 2021 alone. If Rs.3000 per month are saved by an electric bike on average, Pakistanis could save Rs.5.4 Billion in one month and Rs.64.8 billion in one year. This is in addition to the emission reduction that comes with electric bikes. 

Fewer Maintenance Issues

The electric bike doesn’t have any engine, so it doesn’t require periodic maintenance such as engine oil change, tuning, or air filter change. There is no clutch, chain, or other parts that are associated with a petrol engine. So, there is no maintenance cost linked with these parts. On average, a person pays around Rs.1000 on every tuning (oil and air filter change + labor charges). This cost is eliminated with electric motorcycles. This is one of the ways you save money by owning an electric bike.


Easy to Operate

Wondering how electric bikes are easy to operate? Well, these motorcycles don’t have any gears. The same is the case with the clutch. All the rider needs is the accelerator/throttle and the bike will start moving. It is as simple as that. Moreover, there is no kick to start the bike; electric bikes have a switch to turn on the bike. 

Electric Bikes Are Environment-friendly

Due to emission of greenhouse gases in the air, our planet is heating up. If we want to continue living here, we need to switch to clean sources of energy. According to Germanwatch, Pakistan is ranked in the list of top ten countries most affected by climate change in the past 20 years. 


Millions of combustion engine motorcycles are on the roads of Pakistan. Imagine the emission of CO2 and other toxic gasses from them.

Electric bikes have no emissions as they run on electricity. Imagine if electric bikes capture over 50% of the market in Pakistan in the next 5 – 10 years. A huge amount of toxic emissions will be reduced. 

It is a major reason why the use of electric bikes in Pakistan is inevitable.

An Electric Bike Is Safer

Did you know, an electric bike doesn’t go very fast. Its speed can be set between 40 – 60 km/h. It means this motorcycle is suitable for traveling safely at slow speeds. Moreover, it is also safer for young riders to learn to drive a bike at fixed speeds. 

Electric Bikes Are Quieter (Vibration Less)

It is common for traditional bikes to have vibration. Vibration is produced due to the engine. As the electric motorcycles don’t have an engine, they are almost vibrationless and quieter. It means these bikes are not only good for eliminating atmospheric pollution but also noise pollution. Their drive is much more comfortable than the combustion engine motorcycles.

Electric Bikes Are for Everyone

Many people think that electric motorcycles are just for low-income riders. They will indeed benefit the low to medium-income riders. However, many companies are producing electric sports bikes internationally. It means high-income people might also get electric heavy bikes in Pakistan in future. So, these motorcycles are for everyone.

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Popular Pakistan Electric Bikes

1.Jolta Electric Bikes

Jolta electric motorcycles are the most popular in Pakistan. Jolta introduced Pakistan’s first electric bike JE-70D in 2021. Jolta electric bike price in Pakistan for different variants is as follows.

Jolta Electric Bike Prices in Pakistan

  • Jolta Electric 70 (JE-70D SE): Rs.1,35,000
  • Jolta Electric 70 (JE-70L Basic) Rs.1,79,000
  • Jolta Electric 70 (JE-70L Advance) Rs.1,99,000
  • Jolta Electric 100 (JE-100L) Rs.2,19,000
  • Jolta Electric 125 (JE-125L) Rs.2,49,000
  • Jolta Electric Scooty (JES-49D) Rs.1,45,000
  • Jolta Electric Scooty (JES-49L) Rs.1,85,000
  • Jolta Electric Cycle Rs.42,500

You can buy a Jolta electric bike from OLX Pakistan.

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The prices of these bikes are higher than most 70cc bikes in Pakistan. However, a person can easily recover the price difference within a year. The company is also planning to introduce a 125 electric bike model with better speed and power.

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2.Jaguar Electric Bikes

Jaguar has also introduced electric bikes in Pakistan. However, they are not as popular as Jolta due to various reasons. Jaguar electric bikes price in Pakistan for different variants are as follows, 

MS-E-70: Rs.129,900 (80 – 100 km mileage), Rs.142,900 (100 – 120 km mileage)

MS-E-125: Rs.184,900 (125 – 150 km mileage), Rs.199,900 (175 – 200 km mileage).

Latest prices not available on Company’s website.

*You can also find some Chinese electric bikes in Pakistan. 

Final Verdict

For decades, people have been using petrol motorcycles all over the globe resulting in extreme environmental pollution. In addition, combustion engine bikes are also expensive. Just imagine, if there were electric bikes instead of traditional bikes in Pakistan?

Electric bikes in Pakistan are inevitable. No one can deny the importance of these motorcycles not only in Pakistan but all over the globe.

Would you buy an electric bike? What would be the reason? Tell us in the comment section below.

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