Honda Car Prices Decreased in Pakistan

Honda Car Prices Decreased in Pakistan

Honda last decreased its prices in October 2023; however, the reduction applied to its entire fleet with price cuts of up to Rs.300,000. This time, the company has been less generous and more selective, choosing to reduce the prices of only two variants of the Honda City 1.2L. This price reduction on these two models exclusively is due to an increase in the GST on these models. To protect their sales from declining as a result, Honda Pakistan has reduced their prices. Let’s take a look at the latest Honda car prices in Pakistan below:

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Let’s take a quick look at what a new Honda car will cost you now effective from March 15, 2024.

Latest Honda Car Prices in Pakistan 2023

ModelOld Price(Rs)New Price(Rs)Difference(Rs)
City 1.2 MT4,699,0004,649,000-50,000
City 1.2 CVT4,829,0004,689,000-140,000
City 1.5 CVT5,439,000 5,439,0000.00
City 1.5 Aspire MT5,649,000 5,649,0000.00
City 1.5 Aspire CVT5,849,000 5,849,0000.00
BR-V CVT S6,299,000 6,299,0000.00
HR-V VTI7,649,000 7,649,0000.00
HR-V S7,899,000 7,899,0000.00
Civic Standard8,329,000 8,329,0000.00
Civic Oriel8,659,000 8,659,0000.00
Civic RS9,899,000 9,899,0000.00

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Why Have Companies Started to Decrease Car Prices?

Recently, with the exception of Suzuki, almost all the major auto assemblers in Pakistan have started reducing the prices of their vehicles. The main reason behind this is the strengthening of the Pakistani Rupee, although it is unclear whether their production costs have also decreased, while the GST rate has been increased on some cars, including Honda City 1.2L MT and Honda City 1.2L CVT. Additionally, auto assemblers have been struggling with sales for some time now. With these price reductions, they hope that their sales will pick up, though it is debatable whether these price reductions are sufficient to jumpstart sluggish sales.

Now that Honda Pakistan has decreased their prices, are you willing to buy a new Honda car now? Or would you still prefer to buy a used Honda car?

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2 responses to “Honda Car Prices Decreased in Pakistan”

  1. Government should implement the formula of pricing against the manufacturing cost. This is the only solution to reduce price race between 3 big as they use lame excuses for price hike.

  2. Apparently the increase in prices is more than the in increase in forex rates
    Further, Honda civic is US$ 10,000 (Rs 2.7 million) costlier in Pakistan compared to it’s price in the US.

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