Best Budget-friendly Heavy Bikes in Pakistan

Best Budget-friendly Heavy Bikes in Pakistan

Every biker wants to ride Suzuki Hayabusa but not every biker will. The reason is simple – this speed beast may cost as much as Rs.8 million and this is the price of a used Hayabusa. 

This however shouldn’t stop or discourage a rider from enjoying his ride. Fortunately, there are cheaper substitutes available that offer killer looks, a smooth driving experience with lots of speed and power.  

Here are some budget-friendly heavy bikes in Pakistan listed in descending order.

1. Chinese OW Ninja 400cc 

The first one on the list is the Chinese OW Ninja 400cc. This bike looks like the Kawasaki Ninja. At the heart of this bike is a double cylinder 367cc engine that’s mated with a 6-speed transmission. Despite being bulky, this bike weighs only 140 kg. It’s impressive power to weight ratio makes it a very responsive and quick bike. The OW Ninja 400cc has a 9.2:1 compression ratio with a bore x stroke of 63.5 x 53 mm.


Credits: Nooma Motorsports

The looks of this bike are undeniably good, and it perfectly represents what a heavy bike should look like. This bike has a petrol tank capacity of 17-liters which is optimum for a heavy bike of this size and displacement.

This sports bike roughly costs around Rs. 6.5 lacs in Pakistan. Find used Chinese OW Ninja 400cc on OLX Classifieds. 

2. Chinese OW R3 400cc 

The OW R3 400cc bike shares the same Zongshen 367cc engine with the OW Ninja 400cc coupled with a 6-speed transmission. The engine has a similar compression ratio and bore and stroke figures and has enough power to give you a thrilling ride. However, this bike has a dry weight of 165 kg, making it heavier than the other Chinese models. This probably has to do with a more sturdy frame of tubular steel. 


Credits: Nooma Motorsports

This bike shares its shape with the famous Yamaha R3 and perhaps this is the reason why it is named OW R3. This sports bike has a 17L of petrol capacity, which is enough considering the displacement and size of the bike. This heavy bike roughly costs around Rs. 6.5 lacs in Pakistan.

Find used Chinese OW R3 400cc in OLX Classifieds.

3. Suzuki GSX 150 SF

Suzuki Pakistan offers this 155cc bike in a sporty and dynamic body. It’s pretty easy to say that this bike is a toned-down version of the Suzuki GSXR series. It’s a single-cylinder, air-cooled engine matted with a 5-speed engine. The aluminum muffler with dual exhaust and the sporty shell of this bike make it look amazing. 

Credits: Suzuki Pakistan

The 155cc engine, however, produces enough power. If you want a reliable bike with a service backup, this bike might be ideal. Suzuki GSX 150 SF can be bought brand new from Suzuki Pakistan for Rs. 599,000

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You can go for more affordable options by going for a used GSX 150SF from OLX CLassifieds. 

4. Chinese OW R3 300cc 

This heavy bike’s shell is the same as that of a OW R3 400cc. However, the engine is reduced to a 300cc coupled with the same 6-speed transmission. The engine produces 278cc displacement with a relatively high compression ratio of 9.6:1. The bore and stroke figures are 53 x 53 mm. 

Credits: Shelby motorsports

The frame is made of strong tubular steel with similar rigidity as the bigger sibling. This Chinese heavy bike is relatively underweight, having a dry weight of 140 kg. This heavy bike costs Rs. 5.25 lac in Pakistan. 

Find some used Chinese OW R3 on OLX Classifieds. 

5. Honda CBR250

As made by Honda, this bike is head and shoulders above the Chinese heavy bikes. This single-cylinder engine is equipped with advanced features like ABS, quick shifters, driving modes, etc. The engine has a high compression ratio of 10.7:1 with a deep bore and stroke of 55 x 76mm. Both of these figures make it superior to the Chinese competitors mentioned above. 


Despite trimmed down in the engine displacement, the bike actually has a weight similar to a 400cc Chinese bike. 163kg of dry weight makes it an overweight bike. This doesn’t mean it’s a bad performer; the bike can easily do 150 – 170 km/h on highways. This heavy bike has a fuel capacity of 13L.

Honda CBR250 replica starts at around Rs. 4 lac in Pakistan while the original bike can end up costing three times as much. Find used Honda CBR250 on OLX Classifieds. 

Do you have a heavy bike? Would you recommend it to others? 

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