Best Bikes in Pakistan (70cc to 250cc)

Best Bikes in Pakistan (70cc to 250cc)

Those days are long gone when local consumers had a limited number of motorcycle models to choose from in Pakistan. Now, you can buy from a huge variety of 70cc to 250cc cc bikes. People are always curious to know which bike is best in Pakistan in each category.

So, let’s start answering this question.

In this blog, you will find:

Best 70cc Bikes in Pakistan

70cc bikes are the most popular among low and middle-income families. They are known as family bikes as you may have noticed many people carrying their wives and multiple kids on them (not a good practice). However, in a true sense, they are not family bikes due to their small body and weak engine power. Another reason why they are popular is their low maintenance cost. Let us see the best 70cc bikes in Pakistan you can choose from.

Honda CD 70

Well, this bike needs no introduction as it is the most popular bike in Pakistan. The company offers another 70cc variant named CD 70 Dream. The most popular thing about this motorcycle is its fuel-efficiency which is about 60 km/l on average based on user reviews. It has a 4 stroke OHC 72cc engine with a kick start.

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Honda 70 price in Pakistan is Rs.99,900. However, you can buy a used Honda 70 at a lower price.

United 70

The United 70cc bike is the 2nd most popular bike in this category. It is famous due to its quick acceleration and better power than the Honda CD 70. It has a larger engine size (78cc) that produces more power. The engine type is a 4 stroke OHC with a 4-speed transmission. It has a standard and an alloy rim variant. United 70cc bikes are also popular due to their lower price. Its only drawback is lower fuel efficiency (50 km/l on average) than Honda CD 70. 


United 70 price in Pakistan is Rs.65,000 (standard), Rs.70,000 (Alloy Rim). However, you can buy a used United 70 at a lower price.

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Road Prince 70

This 70cc bike is well known in Pakistan after Honda and United 70cc motorcycles. It is known as the most durable 70cc “China bike” in Pakistan. Its production is local though. 70cc motorcycles of Road Prince come in three variants (Passion 70cc, Classic 70cc, Passion Plus 70cc). All of them have a 78cc 4 stroke OHC engine with 4-speed transmission. However, the main difference is in their body style.


Road Prince 70 price in Pakistan is,

  • Passion 70: Rs.67,000
  • Classic 70: Rs.73,000 
  • Passion Plus: Rs.77,000

It is important to note that these prices are effective from 30-April-2022.

However, you can buy a used Road Prince 70 at a lower price.

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Best 100cc Bikes in Pakistan

People on a budget who want to ride a bike with slightly more power than a 70cc bike, prefer to buy the 100cc-110cc bikes. These bikes are the true family bikes in Pakistan as they offer enough power, stability, and comfort. The best thing about them is they don’t consume too much petrol like 125cc motorcycles. Let us see the best 100cc bikes in Pakistan.

Suzuki GD110s

Suzuki 110 is the most popular 100cc bike in Pakistan regardless of its high price. The main reason behind this is its impressive quality (engine and parts). Many people like it due to its smooth drive (almost soundless as compared to others), soft suspension, and better design. Suzuki GD 110s has a 4-Stroke, Air-cooled, SOHC 113cc engine with 4-speed constant mesh. It has an electric + kick start option which is an attractive element for many people. 17-inch alloy wheels and curved fuel tank also give it a pretty impressive look.


Suzuki 110 price in Pakistan is Rs.207,000. However, you can buy a used Suzuki GD 110 at a lower price.

Honda Pridor (Honda 100)

Honda 100 also known as Pridor is another highly popular bike in the 100cc category. The best thing about this bike is its cheaper price than Suzuki GD 110s. Due to its high ground clearance of 156mm and 18-inch rim, many people also prefer it for rural areas. It has a 4-Stroke OHC air-cooled 97.1c engine with 4-speed constant mesh. It is also known for its impressive fuel efficiency (average 50+ Km/l based on user reviews). 


Honda Pridor price in Pakistan is Rs.136,900. However, you can buy a used Honda Pridor at a lower price. 

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Best 125cc Bikes in Pakistan

125cc is the 2nd most popular category for bikes in Pakistan. Many people use these bikes as family motorcycles, etc. Internationally, 125cc bikes are for beginners mostly. But in Pakistan, these motorcycles are considered a symbol of pride for the low to middle-income families. Let us see the best 125cc bikes in Pakistan.

Honda CG 125 

No one can deny that Honda 125 has been the most popular 125cc bike in Pakistan for a very long time. Nowadays, it comes in 3 variants (CG 125, CG 125SE, and CB125F). It is all about power and sound when we talk about this motorcycle. Although the sound is no way near the sports bikes, still people love it. For many looking for a less weight, powerful, yet family motorcycle, it is the best 125cc bike in Pakistan.


CG 125 has 4 stroke 125cc OHV air-cooled 124.1 cc engine with 4-speed constant mesh transmission. CG 125SE has the same engine but comes with a 5-speed constant mesh transmission and Self-Start/Kick Start. CB 125 F is a semi-sports body bike with the same engine, 5-speed constant mesh transmission, and self-start/kick start. 

Honda 125 price in Pakistan

  • Honda CG 125 Price in Pakistan: Rs.159,500
  • Honda CG 125 SE Price in Pakistan: Rs.189,500
  • Honda CB125F Price in Pakistan: Rs.236,900

You can buy a used Honda 125 at a lower price.

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Yamaha YBR 125 

Yamaha YBR has secured its place in the market due to its sporty look and powerful modern engine. The best thing about this bike is that it has a far better body and design than Honda CG 125. It is also the reason why many people prefer it over the CG 125. Honda introduced CB125F to compete with this bike but most people like the YBR design.


YBR has 4 variants (YBR 125, YBR 125G, YB 125Z, and YB 125Z DX). All the variants have the same engine but the body style is different. Constant-mesh 5 speed transmission (1 front, 4 return) also gives people a sporty feel. Fuel indicator, RPM meter, gear indicator, disc brake, 18-inch alloy rims, air scoops, self-start, etc. are some of its notable features.

Yamaha YBR 125 price in Pakistan

  • Yamaha YBR 125 Price in Pakistan: Rs.232,000
  • Yamaha YBR 125G Price in Pakistan: Rs.245,000
  • Yamaha YB 125Z Price in Pakistan: Rs.210,500
  • Yamaha YB 125Z DX Price in Pakistan: Rs.226,000

You can buy a used YBR or buy a used YBZ at a lower price.

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Best 150cc Bikes in Pakistan

For a long time, the 150cc motorcycle category had limited the number of motorcycles in Pakistan. Suzuki GS 150 was the only bike in this category for many years. However, the dynamics have changed now and many people want more motorcycles in this category. Bikes of this category are considered tour bikes among the locals. That is the reason why many companies have already introduced their 150cc bikes in the local market.

Want to know which bike is best in Pakistan in this category? Let us see the best 150cc bikes in Pakistan.

Suzuki Gixxer 150

Gixxer 150 is a 150cc bike with a racing/sports bike body. It might not be the choice of many due to the highest price in this category. However, people who want to own a sports bike that doesn’t consume much fuel like heavy bikes prefer it. It has a 4-stroke, 1-cylinder, air-cooled, OHC 154.9cc engine with 5-speed transmission. Self-start, 160mm high ground clearance, EFI fuel system, sporty look, 17-inch tubeless tyres, etc. are some of its highlights.


Suzuki Gixxer 150 price in Pakistan is Rs.599,000. However, you can buy a used Suzuki Gixxer 150 at a lower price.

Honda CB150F 

Honda 150 is another touring bike in this category. This bike is not manufactured in Pakistan but imported by the company. This makes many think it is a durable and better quality motorcycle than the locally manufactured ones. It has a 4 stroke SOHC air-cooled 149.2cc engine with balancer and 5-speed constant mesh. Self-start, 168mm ground clearance, and a sporty look are its highlights.


Honda 150 price in Pakistan is Rs.295,900. However, you can buy a used Honda CB 150 at a lower price.

Suzuki GS 150 

Suzuki GS 150 has been ruling the 150cc motorcycle category for a long time before the introduction of others. It is still the choice of many people that tour a lot. The main reason behind this is its cheap parts and maintenance cost. It is tested in every part of Pakistan which is the reason why many trust it for long tours. This Suzuki bike has a 4-stroke, air-cooled, OHC 145cc engine with 5-speed constant mesh transmission. The self-start is available. 


It has a traditional body and no fuel or gear indicator which are the reason why some people don’t like it. Suzuki 150 comes in 2 variants (GS 150 and GS 150 SE). 

Suzuki 150 price in Pakistan is Rs.225,000 (GS 150) and Rs.242,000 (GS 150 SE). However, you can buy a used Suzuki GS 150 at a lower price.

Suzuki GR 150 

GR 150 is an imported model in the 150cc category introduced by Suzuki Pakistan. It has a sporty look, efficient engine, modern features, etc., which make it a better bike. However, maintenance is costly and spare parts might be available from the dealership only. It has a 4-stroke, air-cooled, OHC 149cc engine with CDI ignition, electric start, 5-speed constant mesh transmission, and 18-inch alloy wheels.

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Suzuki GR 150 price in Pakistan is Rs.330,000. However, You can buy a used Suzuki GR 150 at a lower price.

Road Prince 150 (Wego)

People looking for an economical sporty 150cc bike prefer Road Prince Wego. It is a 150cc bike with an impressive body design and features. It has a single cylinder-SOHC 4 stroke – air cooled EURO-3 compliance with 5 Speed return shift transmission. Disc brakes, self start, and many other features are available in it.


Road Prince Wego price in Pakistan is Rs.255,000. However, you can buy a used Road Prince Wego at a lower price.

Benelli TNT 150i

For adventurous riders, the Benelli TNT 150i is a good choice. With its aggressive and sporty look, it has attracted many buyers. It has a single cylinder-Twin spark SOHC 4-stroke – air and oil-cooled 4 valve 150cc engine with TLI ignition and EFI fuel system with 5-speed transmission.


Benelli TNT 150i Price in Pakistan is Rs.440,000. However, you can buy a used Benelli TNT 150i at a lower price.

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Best 200cc Bikes in Pakistan

200cc bikes in Pakistan are not pretty common. No major motorcycle manufacturer offers them in the local market. However, the following are the best available 200cc bikes in Pakistan.

Super Power Leo 200

Super Power is a popular motorcycle brand in Pakistan due to its 70cc bikes. However, it also produces a 200cc bike named Super Power LEO. The best thing about this bike is its economical price and sporty look. It has a single-cylinder 4 stroke – air cooled 194cc engine with 5-speed transmission.


Super Power Leo 200cc price in Pakistan is Rs.200,000. However, you can buy a used Super Power Leo at a lower price.

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Best 250cc Bikes in Pakistan

250cc bikes in Pakistan are used by the medium to high-income riders. These motorcycles have a sporty or trail look. Power is the only word to describe them. Most people consider them as sports or heavy bikes in Pakistan. However, they aren’t; only their shape resembles the sports bikes, not the engine size and other features.

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Let us see the best 250cc bikes in Pakistan.

Benelli TNT 25

Benelli TNT 25 is a sports bike with an aggressive look. It is a pretty popular motorcycle in the 250cc category. It has a four-stroke, four-valve single-cylinder 249.2cc engine with EFI, TLI, and DOHC that produces 25.5 hp and 21.1 N⋅m torque. 6 Speed transmission, electric start, liquid-cooling system, sports bike sound, digital instrument cluster, etc., are some of its notable features and specs.


Benelli TNT 25 price in Pakistan is Rs.535,000. However, you can buy a used Benelli TNT 25 at a lower price.

Benelli TRK 251

TRK 251 is another 250cc bike by Benelli but has a different body design than the TNT 25. It has a trail motorcycle design. Its engine is the same as TNT 25 four-stroke, four-valve single-cylinder 249cc engine that produces 25.5 hp @9250 RPM and 21 N·m torque @9000 RPM. Dual-channel ABS brakes function is also available which makes it among the best in this category. 


Benelli TRK 251 price in Pakistan is Rs.850,000. 

Super Power Sultan SP 250

Sultan SP 250 is the best option in its category for people who want a powerful bike at a budget-friendly price. It has a bold sporty design that makes it suitable for the 250cc category. Sultan has a 223cc single-cylinder, 4-stroke, engine that produces 17.7 hp @8500 RPM, and 17.2 N.m @6000 RPM. It comes with a 6-speed transmission and cooling system in air and oil. 


Super Power Sultan SP 250 price in Pakistan is Rs.290,000. However, you can buy a used Sultan SP 250 at a lower price. 

Hopefully, now you’d have a clearer idea of your options in various categories. As mentioned earlier, there are many options available in the market. We have mentioned the best bikes in Pakistan in each category to help you make your buying decision easier. 

Does this list contain your favorite bike? If not, then tell us the name (make+model) in the comment section.

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