Types of Motorcycles Based on Their Shape / Design

Types of Motorcycles Based on Their Shape / Design

All the motorbikes we see on the roads are not the same. Ever wonder why? It is because different types of bikes have been introduced over the years. Understanding the types of motorcycles is important if you want to buy the right bike for yourself. 

Different types of motorbikes are made for different purposes. Some are made for sports while others are made for touring. There is also a bike category that is made for off-road purposes. 

We are here with the most popular kinds of bikes to help you learn about them before you purchase your dream motorcycle. Each category has further types but we will discuss the major ones here.

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Let’s start with the first one.

1) Standard / Naked 

Standard or naked motorcycles are among the most common bikes all over the globe. They have a simple design that makes them ideal for learning how to ride a bike. It is also the reason why many prefer to get them as their first bike. Their handlebars are of low to medium length. Body design is on the neutral side and they also have a slightly forward leaning riding position. As their name suggests, they don’t have fairings (shell over the frame).


Standard bikes are suitable for beginners as they can come with a small 125cc engine size. However, some of them also have a large engine (1000cc) that make them suitable for seasoned riders as well.

Example: Yamaha FZ1

2) Cruisers

Arnold’s Harley in the “Terminator” movie is a Cruiser. These motorcycles have a low and leaned back riding position. Handlebars have medium height. Their wheelbase is long due to a more outward tilted front side. Some of them have a single cylinder engine while others come with dual engines. Their weight is generally higher as compared to the other types of motorcycles. 


They are exceptional for commuting and long rides due to their comfortable riding position. Their acceleration might not be as impressive as sports or some other bikes. But they are not made for that purpose either. They are among the most popular types of motor bikes due to their bold design and heavy sound.

Example: Harley-Davidson V Rod

3) Touring 

As the name suggests, these bikes are suitable for tours due to their large size (stable), heavy weight,  and comfortable sitting posture. Their handlebars mostly have medium length. A large wind screen is also an essential part of most touring motorcycles. They also have built-in baggage space. With wide wheels and long wheelbase, their roadgrip and handling is exceptional. It shows how much rider-friendly they are. 


It is important to note that this category of bike is not appropriate for beginners. Also, if you are mainly going to use it in the city, you may have to look at other motorcycle types.

Example: Honda Goldwing

4) Sport 

Well, who doesn’t know this category. Sports bikes are the most popular motorcycles regardless of their high price. Most people dream of owning a heavy bike (sports motorcycle) one day. It is due to their aggressive shape, roaring sound, eye-catching designs, thrilling acceleration, and high speeds.


They have smaller wheelbase and larger wheel size than many other types of motor bikes. Their engine size can vary a lot depending upon models and variants. Side scoobs, wider tyres, small windshield, upward tail position, etc. are some of their identity marks. 

Everyone must understand that these motorcycles are not meant for long rides due to the rider’s  bad posture.  

Example: Yamaha YZF-R6

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5) Cafe Racer

Cafe Racers have low handlebars, medium seat height, stripped down design, and a forward leaning position. They are a blend of classic motorcycle style with modern day performance. Most of them are small in size, have plain body design, and spoke wheels. 


A Cafe Racer is lightweight due to which its acceleration is impressive. Most people use it for street racing all around the world. 

Example: High Speed Infinity (Cafe Racer style bike in Pakistan)

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6) Adventure/Dual-Sport

Well, this type of motor bike is becoming highly popular in Pakistan. People are becoming more aware of the potential Pakistan has in tourism. So, many adventurers are getting these bikes to explore mountains, desert, glaciers, lakes, and much more in the country. 


Adventure sports bikes are the most suitable for this purpose. They are a combination of dirt and sports bikes. With a medium to tall seat height and medium to high suspension, it is great for commuting, camping, and touring. It can be driven off road but will not be as swift as a dirt bike on those tracks. However, the performance on offroads is much better than normal sports bikes. 

Its wheels come in multiple sizes. Some have large diameters but the wheel’s width is smaller. Others have wider wheels with smaller diameter. 

Examples: BMW R1200 GS

7) Dirt 

Dirt motorbikes are the best when we talk about off road riding. High and springy suspension, upright and slightly forward-leaning riding position and 2/4 stroke engines make them the best for this purpose. Their tires are especially designed to give them extra roadgrip on dirt. Dirt bikes are pretty light and therefore their acceleration is high. Due to this, extra care must be taken when riding them. Wearing all the protective gear is essential. 


They have a trail look with a high positioned front mudguard. Their frame is strong and solid enough to endure jerks during off-road riding. 

Example: Kawasaki KX250

8) Enclosed

Enclosed or cabin motorcycles were introduced in the early 1900s. Unlike other motor bikes, they have a cabin body. They were not popular too long ago but now, many concept electric enclosed bikes are available. Most of them are self-balancing. That shows we might see them more in the future. 

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They are made to provide extra safety to the rider and passenger. But the increased body weight reduces their performance as compared to the other types of motorcycles. 

Example: Peraves Ecomobile

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Different types of motor bikes are available these days. Most of them might not be popular in Pakistan. But it is important to understand the differences between them to have an idea of how much the motorcycle industry has developed. Remember, it is not necessary that your dream bike is the most suitable for you. After reading this blog, you would be in a better position to decide which type of motorcycle is suitable for you and why.

Which of the above-mentioned motorcycle types do you like the most? Tell us in the comment section. 

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