Best Fuel Average Bikes in Pakistan 2024

Best Fuel Average Bikes in Pakistan 2024
Honda 125 Fuel AverageHonda Pridor Petrol AverageCD 70 Fuel Average
YBR 125 Fuel AverageSuzuki 110 Fuel AverageRoad Prince 70 Fuel Average
Suzuki 150 Fuel AverageHonda 150 Fuel AverageUnited 70 Fuel Average

Petrol prices in Pakistan are way higher than they were at the start of this year and this hike is hurting many. Due to this price hike, the most affected segment seems to be middle and low income people including most of the bikers. To lessen the burden on their budget, many search for the most fuel-efficient bikes in Pakistan.

Some people are also interested in knowing the fuel efficiency of their dream bike as you will see many 125 lovers searching for Honda 125 fuel average on the internet. You have landed on the right page if you are curious about the most fuel efficient bikes and their fuel averages. This blog contains the best petrol average bikes in Pakistan in each category (70cc-150cc).

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Let’s begin with the best fuel average 70cc bikes in Pakistan.

Best 70cc Bikes Petrol Average 

Although the 70cc bikes already have impressive fuel economy, people still look for the best 70cc bike fuel average in Pakistan. So, we have gathered the top 3 bikes in this regard.

Honda CD 70 Fuel Average

There can be no other bike in the 70cc category that has as better fuel efficiency as the Honda CD 70. Claimed Honda 70 mileage per liter is around 70. However, the consumers’ claims are different as most of them claim its petrol average to be around 50 to 65 km/l. 

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Honda CD 70 Price in Pakistan 2024

Photo Credits: Honda

The fuel efficiency can vary depending on how old the bike is, driving style, road conditions, maintenance, etc. 

If you want to get the most fuel-efficient bike in Pakistan, buy a Honda 70.

United 70 Fuel Average 

United 70 is among the most fuel-efficient 70cc Chinese bikes in Pakistan. Many people claim its petrol average to be around 42-50 km/l depending upon various elements. So, you can buy a United 70 if you are looking for a budget 70cc bike in Pakistan. 

Photo Credits: United

Road Prince 70 Fuel Average 

The 3rd 70cc bike on our list is no other than the Road Prince 70. It comes in multiple models but the fuel efficiency is almost the same. The fuel efficiency of this Chinese bike is reported to be 42-50 km/l depending upon various factors. If you want an affordable yet fuel-efficient 70cc bike, buy a Road Prince 70.

Photo Credits: Road Prince

Best Fuel Average 100cc Bikes

People who want better performance without compromising fuel efficiency consider the 100cc bikes category in Pakistan. These bikes are also known as family bikes in the country. Let’s see the 100cc bikes in Pakistan with the best fuel average.

Honda Pridor Petrol Average 

Pridor, also known as Honda 100 is a popular family bike in Pakistan. The Honda Pridor fuel average is reported to be around 48-58 km/l (as per different customer reviews). Due to this, you can buy a Honda Pridor without hesitation if looking for a fuel-efficient 100cc bike in Pakistan.

Photo Credits: Honda

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Suzuki 110 Fuel Average 

Suzuki GD 110 is another motorcycle that most people look for better performance without compromising much on fuel efficiency. The Suzuki GD 110 fuel average is around 40-46 km/l. The fuel average of the GD 110 is lower as compared to Honda Pridor but its performance and features are better. As we do not have many choices in this category, this bike is the only considerable option after Honda Pridor.

Photo Credits: Suzuki

So, you can buy Suzuki GD 110 if you need more features and performance without compromising too much on fuel efficiency. 

Most Fuel Efficient Bikes in 125cc Category

Here comes the most popular bike category in Pakistan. Most people want to own a 125cc bike in the country. Let’s see what are fuel-efficient options for you in this category. 

Honda 125 Fuel Average 

Well, many people don’t bother about the Honda 125 petrol average as they mainly get it due to its performance. However, the company has worked a lot and has improved its fuel efficiency quite much. In its old models, Honda 125 mileage per liter 35-40. But the new Honda 125 fuel average is 40+ km/l (as per different customer reviews). So, the best option is to buy a Honda 125 in new condition or recent models to get better mileage. 

Photo Credits: Honda

Yamaha YBR 125 Fuel Average 

Yamaha YB 125Z is mostly confused with the YBR 125. YB 125Z is the best among other Yamaha bikes when it comes to fuel efficiency. The fuel economy of this bike is around 42-52 km/L. As compared to YBZ, YBR gives a fuel average of around 35-45 km/l. 

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Photo Credits: Yamaha

The fuel efficiency varies depending on various circumstances. As it is packed with many modern features and is better than Honda 125 in some ways, you can buy a Yamaha YB 125Z with confidence.

Best Mileage Bikes in 150cc Category

Although, people who buy a 150cc category bike are not much concerned with fuel efficiency. But some of them want to know it. So, here are the most fuel-efficient 150cc bikes in Pakistan. 

Suzuki 150 Fuel Average 

Suzuki GR 150 may not be the best fuel average bike in Pakistan. But it surely is among the best petrol average 150cc bikes in the country. Suzuki GR 150 petrol average is around 35-42 km/l. Looking at its performance and a large 150cc engine, this fuel efficiency is exceptional. So, you can buy Suzuki GR 150 in the 150cc bikes category if fuel average is a concern. 

Photo Credits: Suzuki

Honda 150 Fuel Average

Honda CB 150F is another 150cc bike that comes with better fuel efficiency, features, and options as compared to the conventional motorcycles in this category. Its fuel efficiency is around 35-43 km/l. Due to its impressive specs and features, you can buy a Honda CB 150F. You don’t have to compromise on fuel average to get better performance.

Photo Credits: Honda

The above-mentioned fuel averages are based on consumer reviews. They can vary depending on fuel quality, road condition, bike maintenance, driving style, condition (city or highway), and many other factors.

How to Calculate Fuel Average Correctly

Many people know how to calculate the fuel average, but some of them do it incorrectly. Here is the correct way to calculate the fuel economy of your bikes.

  • Fill the tank to the top.
  • Note down your mileage (reading on the odometer).
  • Next time you visit the petrol station, get the tank filled to the top (at the same level as before).
  • Note how much petrol (in liters) is filled in the bike this time.
  • Note the reading (km) on the trip meter and subtract the current reading from the previous reading (km).
  • Divide the number of kilometers by the liters of petrol you purchased (km/l).
  • You will get km/l of your bike since the last time you fill up the tank.


We have mentioned some of the most fuel-efficient bikes in Pakistan. These bikes are rated the best in terms of fuel economy in their category. But keep in mind that fuel averages vary depending upon multiple factors. 

What is the fuel economy of your bike? Tell us in the comment section below. 

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