Top 9 Touring Bikes in Pakistan

Top 9 Touring Bikes in Pakistan

There are many types of bikes out there, but people love touring bikes for long road trips. Especially during summers when most people plan tours towards northern areas of Pakistan. If you plan to buy a touring motorcycle to go on a dream tour this summer, you have landed on the right page. We are here with the 9 best touring bikes in Pakistan. 

Most of these bikes are not actually the touring bikes, but are have build a reputation of touring motorcycles due to their use in long tours by locals. This list contains adventure bikes in Pakistan in each category (budget, mid-range, and premium). So, get your journey started the right way with our pick of the best touring motorcycles.

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1) Benelli TRK 502X: The Best Touring Bike in Pakistan?

Benelli TRK 502X is among the best touring bikes in Pakistan due to its 500cc engine and a complete trail look. Its liquid-cooled, DOHC, 8-valve, electronic-injected, electric-start engine produces around 47 hp @ 8500 rpm and 46 N·m @6000 rpm. The alloy rim (R19 front, R17 rear) with spokes makes it suitable for off-roading. 

It has an excellent ground clearance of 210mm. 6-speed transmission, liquid-cooled and EFI engine, electric start, and dual-disc front brakes (ABS) make it pretty unique among the others. 


It is officially sold for Rs.2,050,000. However, you can buy a Benelli TRK 502X at a cheaper rate on OLX Pakistan.  

2) Benelli TRK 251: The Best 250cc Adventure Bike in Pakistan?

TRK 251 is a 250cc adventure tourer bike by Benelli. It has a trail motorcycle design. Its engine is the same as TNT 25 four-stroke, four-valve single-cylinder 249cc engine that produces 25.5 hp @9250 RPM and 21 N·m torque @9000 RPM. The dual-channel ABS brakes function is also available, making it among the best in this category. 


It is officially sold for Rs.1,025,000. However, you can buy Benelli TRK 251 at a cheaper price on OLX Pakistan. 

3) Road Prince RX3 250cc: The Most Comfortable Bike in Pakistan?

Road Prince RX3 is another 250cc touring bike in Pakistan. It is equipped with a 250cc liquid-cooled, 4-stroke,  4-valve, overhead cam engine with a balancer. This engine produces around 24.5 hp@ 9000 rpm and 22.5 N.m torque @7000 rpm. Its transmission is 6 Speed constant mesh with a return shift. This adventure bike comes with accessories like side boxes and a top box with locks. It is suitable for off-road riding due to its 210mm ground clearance. Both front and rear wheels have disc brakes.

It is almost the same bike as ZONGSHEN RX3 when we talk about body and design. Road Prince has offered this bike by collaborating with ZONGSHEN so we can expect most features and specs to be same.


The official price of this bike is Rs.922,000. But you can buy Road Prince RX3 at a lower price on OLX Pakistan. You can also get ZONGSHEN RX3 in Pakistan.

4) Derbi ETX 150: A Dream Tourer Bike in Pakistan?

Derbi ETX 150 is among the best 150cc bikes in Pakistan. It is due to its impressive specs and features. This one has a trail look that makes it suitable for offroading (up to some extent) and long tours as well. Its 149cc single-cylinder, 4 stroke, 2 valve air cooled engine produces 12 hp @ 8000 rpm. It comes with 5-speed transmission. Electric start, R17 spokes wheels, 18L tank, dual-piston front brakes, and trail look make it a practical touring bike in Pakistan. 


The estimated price of this bike is Rs.270,000 to Rs.330,000 (used condition). However, you can buy Derbi ETX 150 at a lower price on OLX Pakistan. 

5) Suzuki GR 150: A Superior Travel Bike in Pakistan?

Most of us already know the Suzuki GR 150. It is an imported model in the 150cc category introduced by Suzuki Pakistan. This bike has a sporty look, efficient engine, modern features, etc., which makes it a better bike. It has a 4-stroke, air-cooled, OHC 149cc engine with CDI ignition, electric start, 5-speed constant mesh transmission, and 18-inch alloy wheels.

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People prefer to buy it due to the brand name and features. Otherwise, some more powerful bikes are also available in its price.


Rs.501,000 is the official price of this motorcycle. But you can buy Suzuki GR 150 at a lower price on OLX Pakistan.

6) Honda CB 150F: The Best 150cc Bike in Pakistan?

Honda 150 is among the most popular touring bikes in Pakistan. The company imports it just like its rival Suzuki GR 150. This makes many think it is a durable and better quality motorcycle than the locally manufactured ones. It has a 4 stroke SOHC air-cooled 149.2cc engine with balancer and 5-speed constant mesh. Its highlights are a self-start engine, 168mm ground clearance, and a sporty look. 


The official prices of different variants of this bike are Rs.458,900 (Red and Black) and Rs.462,900 (Silver). However, you can buy a Honda CB150F at a lower price on OLX Pakistan.

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7) Suzuki GS 150 SE: The Best Motorcycle for Long Trips

Well, GS 150 doesn’t need any introduction. It has been the most popular touring bike in Pakistan for a long time. Whether buying it for long tours or a routine commute in the city, it fulfills every need. The main reason behind this is its cheap parts and maintenance cost. It is tested in every part of Pakistan, which is why many trust it for long tours. It has a 4-stroke, air-cooled, OHC 145cc engine with 5-speed constant mesh transmission. The self-start is available. 


This bike is officially not available now. But you can buy Suzuki GS 150SE at a price of nearly Rs.200,000 to 300,000 on OLX Pakistan.

8) Road Prince Robinson 150cc: The Most Economical 150cc Touring Bike in Pakistan?

Road Prince Robinson is just like Derbi ETX 150 but comes at a cheaper price. People looking for an economical, sporty 150cc bike prefer it. It has a single cylinder-SOHC 4 stroke – air cooled EURO-3 compliance with 5 speed return shift transmission. Disc brakes, self start, and many other features are available in it. Its trail look impresses many. So it becomes a suitable option for long tours and offroading (up to some extent) experiences up to some extent.


Its price is around Rs.390,000. However, you can buy Road Prince Robinson at a lower price on OLX Pakistan. 

9) Yamaha YBR 125G: Most Popular Touring Motorcycle in Pakistan?

Yamaha YBR 125G is becoming the best touring bike in Pakistan after Suzuki GS 150. The main reason behind its popularity is the sportier and trail look. You must be wondering how a 125cc bike can be chosen for long tours or a trip to northern areas of Pakistan, right? Well, you see many people have already taken it to the China Border situated in the Karakorum mountains. It means this bike is capable enough for long tours. 

Another reason why people prefer this bike is because of its fuel efficiency. Many get a fuel economy of around 40-45 km/l, which is the highest for any bike on this list.

This bike comes with a fuel indicator, RPM meter, gear indicator, disc brake, 18-inch alloy rims, air scoops, self-start, etc. It has a 124cc 4 stroke air-cooled SOHC engine. Its ground clearance is around 145mm, which is enough for many terrains. 


The official prices of different variants of YBR G are Rs.391,500 (BLACK & RED) and Rs.394,500 (DARK GRAY). But, You can buy Yamaha YBR 125G at a lower price on OLX Pakistan.

The prices mentioned here are as of 7-Jun-2022. The prices will be higher these days. Also, there is no confirmation about availability of these bikes now due to import restrictions and poor economic situation of the country.

Many adventure lovers prefer a touring bike over a car for road trips. As the trend of tourism in Pakistan is growing, the popularity of adventure motorcycles is rising. Many want to know the best touring bikes in Pakistan. Now, you have a list of the best motorcycles for long trips. We have tried to list adventure bikes for every budget to help touring motorcycle lovers buy one. 

Which touring bike would you buy in Pakistan and why? Tell us in the comment section below.

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