Toyota Taglon X: Engine Oil for Ultimate Performance!

Toyota Taglon X

Engine oil is a vital part of a car. It ensures that your engine runs properly; keeps the moving parts of the engine lubricated to reduce friction, minimize wear and avoid heating up. Toyota has always been very active in providing after-sales products and services to customers to make their experience of owning a Toyota car as convenient as possible. The new Toyota Taglon X, launched by the company is premium engine oil designed for ultimate performance.

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There are 3 kinds of engine oil; mineral oil, synthetic blend or semi-synthetic oil and fully synthetic oil. Mineral oil is mostly extracted from crude oil and is the least expensive among the three, however, it’s only meant for low-end everyday vehicles. Semi-synthetic oil is laboratory-modified oil which is meant for high-performance engines. The fully synthetic oil does not contain any minerals and is more for high longevity and ultimate performance. Toyota Taglon X, the Original Factory Filled Oil in Toyota Corolla Vehicles assembled in Pakistan, is a (5W-30) purely synthetic oil, based on synthetic technology.


1. Engine Protection

The Taglon X provides complete protection against stress, friction, sludge, varnish and harmful deposits in the engine.

2. Superior Performance at Low Temperature

The wide range of viscocity-temperature characteristics possessed by the Taglon X allows it to be pumped to all parts of the engine to reduce friction and wear even at extremely low temperatures.

3. Reduced Fuel Consumption

Field testing of European Toyota cars has demonstrated that Taglon X gives up to 6% better mileage than after-market engine oils.

4. Reduced Carbon Emission

One of the largest contributors to carbon emission of automotive is the engine oil, however, hydrocarbons of Taglon X are so designed that they are hardly combustible.

5. Reduced Engine Noise

The Taglon X 5W – 30 reduces the metal to metal contact inside the engine to such a degree that it hardly makes any noise thus reducing wear and frictional losses.

The Toyota Taglon X is made purely for ultimate safety, performance and fuel economy. It ensures proper lubrication of moving engine parts while reducing friction and enhancing cooling and performance. This makes it a preferable choice for Toyota Corolla owners.

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