Honda CB 150F Vs Suzuki GR150

Honda CB 150F Vs Suzuki GR150

Honda 150 and Suzuki 150 are the most popular 150cc bikes in Pakistan amongst adventure tourers. Suzuki offers multiple models (GR 150, GS 150 and GS 150 SE) in the 150cc category whereas Honda offers only one model (CB 150F). Many want to compare the Honda 150 vs Suzuki 150 to choose the best. 

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A fair head to head comparison can be done only between the Honda CB150F and Suzuki GR 150. Suzuki GS 150, the most popular 150cc bike in Pakistan is no way close to their features. So, we are leaving it in this comparison.

Let’s start with their body and design comparison of CB 150F and GR 150. 

Honda 150 Vs Suzuki 150: Body and Design

There is a massive difference between the body and design of CB 150 and GR 150. Both look great in their own style. Honda 150 has a deeper seat. Suzuki 150 comes with almost flat seats. It means when you sit on the Suzuki bike, it feels like sitting on the top of it. And when you sit on the Honda bike, it feels like you are sitting a bit inside the motorcycle. 

CB150F comes with air-scoops which GR 150 lacks. Overall, you can consider Suzuki 150 as a hybrid of modern and traditional motorcycles. Honda 150 comes with a more sporty look due to its body style and seat design. 

SpecificationHonda CB150FSuzuki GR 150
Ground Clearance168 mm165 mm
Wheelbase 1311 mm1,310 mm
Dry weight124 kg133 kg

Honda CB125F comes out to be better in terms of body due to its better ground clearance, more wheelbase and less dry weight. 

Honda CB 150F Vs Suzuki GR 150: Engine and Performance

Let us compare the engine and performance of both bikes.

SpecificationHonda CB150FSuzuki GR 150
Engine4 Stroke SOHC  Air Cooled, with Balancer4-Stroke, Air-cooled, OHC
Displacement 149cc149cc
Compression Ratio9.1:1Not Available
Transmission5 Speed Constant Mesh5-Speed Constant Mesh
Power17.5 hp @10500 rpm13.8 hp @8500 rpm
Torque12.6 Nm @ 8500.0 RPM13.4 Nm @ 6000.0 RPM

Looking at the engine and performance of both bikes, Honda CB 150F seems to be a bit better. It is due to less dry weight and more power. In terms of torque, Suzuki 150 is better but more weight might not help in quicker acceleration as it looks on the cards. Both bikes are almost vibration-less so the drive comfort is almost the same.

Suzuki 150 Vs Honda 150: Fuel Economy

There are different claims about the fuel efficiencies of both bikes. It can vary depending upon the road condition, driving style, fuel quality, and many more factors. Here is the average fuel efficiency of these bikes. It is important to note that these aren’t official figures and obtained from the average user reviews.

Honda CB150F Fuel EconomySuzuki GR 150 Fuel Economy
32-37 km/l35-45 km/l

CB 150F Vs GR 150: Battle of Features

Let us compare the features of Suzuki GR 150 vs Honda CB 150F.

Suzuki GR 150 Features
FeaturesHonda CB150FSuzuki GR 150
StarterSelf-Start/Kick StartSelf-Start/Kick Start
BrakesDisc (front), drum (rear)Disc (front), drum (rear)
Wheel 18” Alloy both18” Alloy both
Tire at Front80/100 – 18M/C 2.75 -18
Tire at Rear90/90 – 18M/C90/90 – 18 M/C
Honda CB150F Features

GR 150 Vs CB 150F: Availability of Parts

Unlike the other Suzuki and Honda bikes, none of these 2 bikes are manufactured in Pakistan. Still depsite years of local manufacturing, their parts availability is an issue. Most of the parts are only available at the official dealerships for which they charge a premium amount.

Honda CB 150F Vs Suzuki GR 150: Price Comparison

Here are the prices of both bikes in Pakistan.

Honda CB150F Price in PakistanSuzuki GR 150 Price in Pakistan
Rs.308,900 (Red, Red and back)Rs.339,000
Rs.312,900 (Silver)

Prices of new bikes may seem a bit high. But you can buy a used Honda CB 150 at a lower price. Same is the case with the prices of used Suzuki GR 150.

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Well, the clear winner in the comparison of Honda 150 vs Suzuki 150 is the former one. Honda CB 150F has almost all the features as GR 150. However, CB150F comes with more power. It has less weight which means its performance is going to be better. Its ground clearance is better as well. In the end, price is a major deciding factor that gives the Honda CB150F edge over Suzuki GR 150. 

Would you buy a Honda CB 150F or get a Suzuki GR 150? Tell us in the comment section below.

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