Benelli TNT 150 Vs Suzuki GR150 Vs Derbi 150: A Quick Comparison

Benelli TNT 150 Vs Suzuki GR150 Vs Derbi 150: A Quick Comparison

The 150cc bike category is gaining much popularity in the country as many riders consider the bikes in this category for long road trips and for daily commuting. We all know about Suzuki 150cc bikes, but some other exciting options like Benelli TNT 150i, Derbi 150 STX, and Honda CB 150F are also available in the market. We have already compared the Honda CB 150F Vs Suzuki GR150. So, let’s compare the Benelli TNT 150 with Suzuki GR150 and Derbi 150. 

Benelli TNT 150 Vs Suzuki GR 150 Vs Derbi 150: Body and Design

Let’s compare the body and design of these motorcycles.

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Benelli TNT 150 Body and Design 

TNT 150 body and design is quite superior when we compare it with others in the 150cc category. It is due to its naked body design that also looks sportier. This bike’s got sportier air scoops that also cover the engine partially. Alloy wheels also look impressive and compliments the sportier design of the motorcycle. Out of the three, its headlight is the smallest that some people might not like. Overall, its design is pretty impressive as compared to others. 

Suzuki GR 150 Body and Design

Although the design of the GR 150 is better than the Suzuki GS 150SE, it’s still behind the other two bikes in this comparison. The seat is a bit flatter and there is a localized back carrier. Its exhaust also seems more like a local one in terms of design (it is imported though). Although its wheels have larger diameter, the wheel design is not better than others in this comparison. There are no air scoops available in this bike. Its headlight is the largest though. 

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Derbi 150 STX Body and Design

Design of Derbi 150 is pretty fancy when we compare it with the Suzuki GR 150, which has a bit of a classical-modern style. However, it is difficult to compare it with Benelli 150 as it is quite impressive in its own category. This one has a side cover that makes a big difference as compared to Benelli. Rear seat sitting position is higher in TNT 150i vs STX 150 but lower when compared with GR 150.

Air scoops are attached to the fuel tank. Its headlight is a bit smaller but sportier. For many, its alloy wheels might be the best in this comparison due to their impressive shape. 


Derbi 150 Vs Suzuki GR 150 Vs Benelli TNT 150: Engine and Performance

Let’s compare the engine and performance of these bikes.

SpecificationSuzuki GR 150Benelli TNT 150iDerbi 150 STX
Engine type4-Stroke, Air-cooled, OHC1-cylinder/4-stroke/4-valveSingle Overhead Cam–2 Valve, Single cylinder–4 Stroke
Displacement 149cc150cc149cc
Power13.8 hp @8500rpm and 13.4 Nm torque @ 6000.rpm13 hp @9000rpm and 12 N·m torque12 hp @8000rpm
Dry Weight133 Kg134 Kg128 Kg

As per the engine specs, GR 150 comes out as the winner here. However, Derbi might perform better as it has better weight to power ratio due to the least weight in this comparison. 


Fuel Economy

Suzuki GR 150Benelli TNT 150iDerbi 150 STX
Around 40-45km/lAround 40-45km/lAround 40-45km/l

Well, the fuel economies of all these bikes are almost the same. These are based on user reviews and may vary depending upon numerous factors such as driving style, fuel quality, driving conditions, etc.

Features and Specs

Here are some notable features of Benelli TNT 150i, Suzuki GR 150, and Derbi 150 STX.

SpecificationSuzuki GR 150Benelli TNT 150iDerbi 150 STX
Front Tyre2.75-18”130/70-17”90/90 – 17″ 
Rear Tyre90/90-18”100/80-17”90/90 – 17″
Wheel TypeAlloy 18-inchesAlloy 17-inchesAlloy 17-inches
Fuel Tank Capacity12.5 L13.5 L18 L
Starter SystemElectric + KickElectric + KickElectric (only)
Dipper YesYesYes
Instrument ClusterAnalogueDigitalDigital

Features wise, the bikes are almost the same. However, TNT 150i and STX 15, both have digital instrument clusters and DRLs that are absent in GR 150. But GR 150 comes with larger wheels as compared to the others. Derbi has the biggest fuel tank capacity and GR 150 has the smallest.


Parts Availability

It is an important factor that many people consider when buying motorcycles. Well, you might face difficulty in getting spare parts for all of these bikes as they are imported units. However, parts availability of GR 150 is still better than the others due to Suzuki being an established brand in Pakistan.  

Benelli TNT 150 Vs Derbi 150 Vs Suzuki GR 150: Price Comparison

Suzuki GR 150Benelli TNT 150iDerbi 150 STX

As per this comparison, Derbi 150 comes at the lowest price whereas the Benelli TNT 150i is the most expensive. However, you can buy these bikes at a lower price in used condition by clicking the following links.

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The Ultimate Winner?

To summarize, if we talk about aesthetics, features, and quality, the Benelli TNT 150i and Derbi 150 STX are the winners. However, if we consider price, value to money, and spare part availability – Suzuki GR 150 is the winner. If Derbi 150 STX was priced slightly lower and its spare parts availability wasn’t an issue, it would have been a clear winner here. 

Which bike do you like the most and why? Share your opinion in the comment section below.

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