Suzuki GSX 125 Vs Honda CB 150F Vs Suzuki GR 150

Suzuki GSX 125 Vs Honda CB 150F Vs Suzuki GR 150

Suzuki has launched GSX 125 at a price at which people actually have the option to buy a 150cc bike. We have already compared Suzuki GSX 125 Vs Yamaha YBR 125G Vs Honda CB 125F. Now, it is time to compare Suzuki GSX 125 Vs Honda CB 150F Vs Suzuki GR 150.

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So let’s begin with the engine comparison.

Suzuki GSX 125 Vs Honda CB 150F Vs Suzuki GR 150: Engine Comparison

Here are the engine specs of all three bikes.

SpecsSuzuki GSX 125 Honda CB 150FSuzuki GR 150
Engine TypeSingle Cylinder, 4 Stroke Air Cooled4 Stroke SOHC  Air Cooled 150cc Engine with Balancer4-Stroke, Air-cooled, OHC
Bore & Stroke57.0 x 48.8 (mm)57.3 x 57.8 (mm)57.0 x 58.6 (mm)
Starter SystemSelf StartKick Start / Self-StartKick Start / Self-Start
Transmission Type5-Speed, Constant MeshConstant Mesh 5 Speed 5-Speed Constant Mesh

Both 150cc bikes are more powerful than the newly launched Suzuki GSX 125 in terms of larger engine size, bore and stroke. Let’s see if the GSX 125 is comparable in specs.

Suzuki 125 Vs Honda 150 Vs Suzuki 150: Specs Comparison

Let’s see the specifications of the Suzuki 125 Vs Honda 150 Vs Suzuki 150.

SpecsSuzuki GSX 125 Honda CB 150FSuzuki GR 150
L x W x H1990 x 755 x 1075 (mm)2051 x 760 x 1085 (mm)2,055 x 750 x 1,075 (mm)
Wheelbase1270 mm1311 mm1,310 mm
Ground Clearance167 mm168 mm165 mm
Seat Height770 mm766 mm765 mm
Weight126 kg (kerb weight)124 kg (dry weight)133 kg (dry weight)
Fuel Tank14.2 L13.0 L12.5 L
Front TyreTubeless 2.75-18 80/100 – 18M/C (47P)2.75-18
Rear TyreTubeless 90/90-18 90/90 – 18M/C (51P)90/90-18 M/C
ColorsRed, Blue, and BlackRed, Gray, and BlackBlack and Red

Well! Both 150cc bikes seem a bit longer (in length and wheelbase) than the Suzuki 125. GSX 125 is competitive in terms of ground clearance and tyre size though. Also, The 125 Suzuki has a higher fuel tank capacity than these 150cc bikes.

Suzuki GSX 125 Vs Honda CB 150F Vs Suzuki GR 150: Features Comparison

The following are some important features of all three bikes.

FeaturesSuzuki GSX 125 Honda CB 150FSuzuki GR 150
Disc BrakeDisc (2 POD Caliper) Front, Rear DrumFront Disc (Dual Piston), Rear DrumFront Disc (Dual Piston), Rear Drum
Suspension FrontSpring Hydraulic Damping (front and rear)107 mm Telescopic ForkTelescopic, Coil Spring, Oil Damped
Suspension RearSpring Hydraulic Damping (front and rear)91 mm Swing ArmSwing-Arm, Coil Spring, Oil Damped
Alloy Rims
Tubeless TiresYesNoNo

In terms of features, all the bikes are equally competitive. However, Suzuki GSX 125 has an edge here with the tubeless tyres which are not available in the other bikes.


Suzuki 125 Vs Suzuki 150 Vs Honda 150: Price Comparison

Here are the prices of the Suzuki GSX 125, Honda CB 150F, and Suzuki GR 150.

Suzuki GSX 125 Honda CB 150FSuzuki GR 150

Here is the key difference many are interested in. Honda CB 150F comes at a lower price than the Suzuki GSX 125. You can even buy Suzuki GR 150 bike by paying a little more. So, price is the only concerning point for GSX 125 as compared to these motorcycles. 

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Final Verdict

The above-mentioned comparison shows that all the bikes are almost equally competitive in terms of features and specs. But the engine and power of 150cc bikes are definitely better than the Suzuki 125. Also, the price plays a crucial role here as you can get 150cc bikes for the price of a Suzuki GSX 125. But, the design of 125 is quite modern and gives it an upper hand in this area. So, it is up to you which bike is more suitable for you.

Which bike do you like the most among these three? Tell us in the comment section below.

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