Toyota Indus Motors To Increase Prices From November

Toyota Indus Motors To Increase Prices From November

In the light of the recent devaluation of Rupee, Toyota Indus Motors has decided to jack up the prices of its vehicles once again. It is also expected that Toyota IMC will increase prices once again at the start of 2019, probably around January. The upcoming price increase will be up to Rs. 175,000 and Toyota IMC has resumed the bookings which it halted for almost a week after the rupee took a huge plunge against the US Dollar. Buyers who have fully paid the price of booked vehicles will not be affected by this price increase; however, people who have only paid a partial price will have to bear at least 50 percent of the price increase.



Toyota Indus Motors have cited that the Rupee devaluation has resulted in costs rising to a substantial degree, making it difficult for the company to continue providing vehicles on old rates. The increase in costs are to be borne on imported parts and raw material for locally manufactured parts. Variants of Toyota Corolla have become expensive by at least Rs. 50,000 and Grande and other Altis models have gone up by Rs. 100,000. Fortuner, on the other hand, has gone up by Rs. 175,000.



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