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Pakistan’s Digital Sphere: What To Expect in 2020!

Pakistan, as imagined in the future by Abdal Mufti. A digital Pakistan.

Like the rest of the world, advertisers in Pakistan have also made the shift to the digital space and this has never been more important as it is in the current situation! With the current situation with Coronavirus and the importance of maintaining social distancing, consumers are turning more and more towards digital spaces to fulfill their needs. Pakistan sees a 17% increase in internet users every year, with the current internet penetration rate being 35%.

Looking at the statistics, marketers and advertisers need to stay on top of all the latest trends in digital marketing, as to not miss out on an opportunity to engage with their audience.

Statistics for digital ad spend around the world.

Some of the trends that 2020 has shown in the digital world are:

1. The Rise of Programmatic Advertising 

Programmatic advertising uses artificial intelligence to make the process of ad buying much faster and efficient, resulting in lower costs with better results and more clarity on every dollar spent.

Generic animated image representing the digital world
2. Paid Advertising and Smart Bidding 

With serious competition between companies for online engagement in the digital world, paid advertising is an important tool that becomes even more effective when combined with Smart Bidding! Google’s Smart Bidding facility uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to provide a more optimized and cost-effective Pay-Per-Click campaign that can maximize the ROI for the advertiser/brand.

3. Video Streaming Still Going Strong

The popularity of streaming videos in digital advertising is still on the rise in 2020, with reports showing that viewers pay close attention to video content including the advertisements. Up To 78% of these viewers won’t mind watching the advertisements, as long as the content they are watching is free.

4. Real-Time In-Game Advertising 

With more than 2.5 million gamers across the globe, in-game advertising is an emerging digital media trend in 2020. It has created a new advertising ecosystem by using the traditional ad formats used in mobile spaces such as banners and applied it to video games. In-game advertising makes use of a wide range of available inobtrusive formats (aforementioned banners, native in-game ads, product placements) that don’t break immersion and maintain, even enhance, authenticity.      

5. Gen-Z Targeted Advertising 

In recent years, one demographic that has always been on the forefront of almost every marketer’s mind are millennials. Advertising and content strategies have been designed that appeal to their generation’s needs, likes and dislikes. However, now a new group of consumers have emerged: the Gen-Z generation! Falling between the ages of 7-24 years old, the latter part of this group are a marketers target audience, as they enter adulthood and start making buying decisions. 2020 will see marketers and advertisers focus more on the needs and wants of  this breed of consumers.  

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Designed image showing olx platforms in a laptop and a phone.

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