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OLX & The Electronics Industry

Pakistan’s Electronic Industry

The Electronics Industry in Pakistan plays an important role in the development of the economy, contributing an average of around 2.1% to the GDP of the country. Despite Pakistan not being considered on a level playing field with first world countries such as the United States where it contributes to around 4% of the GDP, it plays a vital role in Pakistan’s progression. 

The Electronics Industry comprises:

Illustrated creative showcasing what the electronics industry comprises of.

Furthermore, electronics not only has a stand-alone place in the economy as a full-fledged industry but also plays a supportive role in other major industries like the automobile Industry or the Energy segment. This isn’t surprising seeing that according to The Pakistan Credit Rating Agency Limited electronics contribute around 23.7% to the large scale manufacturing sector of the country.

OLX & The Electronics Industry

OLX is Pakistan’s No.1 Online Marketplace visited by more than 950K+ users daily. With an ad posted every 3 seconds, the platform sees over 40,000 daily listings in 14 categories of which electronics and home appliances is only one.

The electronics category, with approximately 155K+ ads actively listed from all over Pakistan on any given day as a whole, offers a diverse variety further divided into 10 subcategories featuring products such as computers, laptops, refrigerators, freezers, cameras and camera equipment, televisions, projectors, gaming consoles -the list goes on! 

OLX Electronics Activity

A comprehensive look at what is happening on the OLX Platform in the Electronics category.

The majority of the ads posted in the electronics category are in the Computers & Accessories sub-category.

Info-graphic showing the ads actively listed on the platform for electronics.

There are 6000+ ads are posted from all over the country in the electronics category on any given day.

The detailed list of categories is as follows:

Electronics sub-categories on the OLX platform

The top city in terms of ads posted per day is Lahore with 1500+ ads posted daily. However, in terms of buyers visiting the platform, the top city is Karachi with 8000+ buyers visiting the electronics category. Ads posted on the platform are viewed by 33,000+ buyers daily. 

Info-graphic comparing daily ads listed with buyers visiting the electronics category city-wise.

Both New and Used electronics are listed on the OLX platform. At any given time around 41% of the electronics being advertised are brand new.

Info-graphic comparing new vs. used  inventory in electronics category.

In the past 4 months alone, the price of electronics sold on the OLX platform amounted to PKR 6.8 Billion. With the price of monthly sold electronics amounting to an average of PKR 686 Million. Seeing that these purchases fall in the lockdown period due to Covid-19, it is inferred that these products (especially gaming devices, televisions, entertainment systems etc.) greatly contributed not only to the platform itself but rather also to our collective move towards a more digitally tethered world.

“ The OLX Electronics Category boasts average liquidity of 53%; out of all the ads posted on OLX, more than half of them get marked as sold. On average, each seller gets 4 or more interested buyers on each listing.”

The sub-category of Fridges & Freezers boasts the highest liquidity of 70% in the electronics category followed by AC & Coolers with 69% liquidity.

OLX Electronics Audience

An advertiser’s guide to the audience visiting the electronics category on the OLX platform.

An average of 93.6 Million impressions are served in the electronics category alone on the OLX Platform, with a reach of 2.42 Million Users

The average user spends 6.5 minutes browsing through the category.

info-graphic highlighting that a quarter of our users visiting the electronics category are females.

 A quarter of our users in the electronics category are females.

The electronics category allows targeting of 10 types of audiences and offers the ability to filter advertising further based on the following groups/brackets:

icons displaying filters that you can base your advertising on

The electronics category sees visitors from a variety of age groups and backgrounds. Sub-categories such as Computers & Accessories, 

TV – Video – Audio, Cameras & Accessories and Games & Entertainment are quite popular among the younger generation especially generation Z (users between the ages of 15 and 21). 

Computer & Accessories not only has the highest number of ads listed among all the sub-categories in electronics but also displays the most value sold in the past 4 months at a solid PKR 1.9 Billion. The pandemic struck world has turned on its feet this year making the importance of presence within the digital sphere everyone’s utmost priority. It is because of this that it comes as no surprise that electronics sales rose exponentially with people seeking to connect with one another digitally whether it be through zoom calls or online gaming. 

Among new homeowners, especially young couples who have just started out their lives and new moms, sub-categories like Kitchen Appliances, AC & Coolers, Fridges & Freezers, and Washing Machines & Dryers appear to be very popular. Microwaves, cooking appliances like mixers and blenders, and dinner sets are some of the go-to items for this audience as shown by the popular searches within the categories. 

OLX Electronics Popular Searches

A look at audience search term trends in the electronics category on the OLX platform.

40 million searches are conducted by users on OLX and around 15% of those occur in the electronics category where the user can choose to search on the platform using a brand name or even just the product type. Following are some of the popular product type search terms.

info-graphic displaying popular products in the electronics category on OLX

The term laptop was searched the most number of times in a month with 157K times on the platform, followed by the term AC which was searched 107K times. Users looked up LED on the platform 48K times while the terms Fridge and Fan both were looked up 37K times each. The terms Computer and LCD were searched 33K times and 27K times respectively.

The top 10 most popular brand terms searched on the OLX platform in the electronics category are as follows.

Popular brands on the OLX platform in the electronics category displayed in the form of a pie-chart.

Samsung searched 97K times, is the most searched term in the electronics category. Followed by LG and Gree, which were looked up by OLX users 21K and 14K times respectively. Brand names Haier, Mitsubishi, and Dawlance were each searched 12K, 11K, and 10K times respectively. Compared to them, Orient, PEL, and Panasonic were looked upon the platform 6K, 4K, and 2K times respectively.

The majority of the numbers shared in this report cover average user activity over the past few months. Some of these numbers change on a monthly or even a daily basis such as impressions served or popular search terms based on the time of year, occasions, etc. 

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