How to keep your car cool in the summers for a pleasant drive

How to keep your car cool in the summers for a pleasant drive

Every Pakistani know that cars get burningly hot in the summers after you have parked it in the parking lot even for a while. From leather seats to steering and dashboard get blazingly hot and it becomes unbearable to sit in the car, let alone drive it. This article will help you in keeping your car cool so that you can hop in for a pleasant drive. Materials inside your car like leather seats and dashboard absorb energy and emit it later in the form of infrared waves which do not easily pass out of the car’s windows.

One simple trick to keep your car cool is to park your car in such manner that the back of the car faces the sun. In this way, your steering wheel, dashboard and your seat will not be exposed to direct sunlight and will remain considerably cool for you to touch especially the steering wheel. However, the much simpler way would be to find a shaded or covered car park as this makes a great difference in keeping the car cool.

Blocking the sunlight using shade covers entering the car through the windows can be beneficial as well as the sunlight gets trapped inside and keep the car hot. In order to keep your seats relatively cool, spread out some wet towels on them as they will absorb the heat. To ensure some sort of ventilation, you can crack your windows a little bit or if you have a sunroof, you can also crack it a bit to allow the air flow through your car to cool it down.

As soon as you enter your car, turn on the AC at its lowest temperature setting and open all the windows and the sun roof to expel the built-in hot air inside the car. Another peculiar and a tad bit weird method is to open the driver side window and open and close the driver’s door a few times. It will look a bit strange for anyone walking past you but it gets precedence over getting burnt in the sweltering hot car.

Another way around can be to get your windows tinted or you can do it yourself. Tinted windows also has a positive effect in keeping the cool and comfy for you to drive. However, laws exist that prevent tinting your car’s windows but you can always check the state laws to see how dark of a tint is allowed. Some technologically savvy cars have a remote start system that can be operated using a mobile application or the car’s remote in the case of BMW. Using the remote start feature, you can turn on the AC before you hop in for a drive. This will make the car cool and nice for a pleasant drive. Moreover, cars can also be equipped with cooled and ventilated seats as an added options if you are in the market for a luxury car.

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