How To Get More Mileage From Your Car?

How To Get More Mileage From Your Car?

As petrol prices keep climbing, lots of drivers are worried about the cost to fill up their tanks. Not everyone can switch to those fancy hybrid or electric cars – they’re expensive! But don’t worry, there’s good news: you can make your current car use less fuel without spending a ton of money. So, if you’re searching for easy tips to increase the mileage of your car and save money on petrol, you are at the right place! Let’s jump into some simple tips & tricks that’ll help you improve the fuel efficiency of your car.

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Improving the fuel average of your car not only helps to reduce the cost but is also beneficial for the environment. Every time you save fuel, you are emitting less pollutants in the atmosphere. It means you are not only saving money but also saving the planet.

In this blog, we will show you how to get more mileage by listing some easy and useful tips.  

Proper Maintenance Increases Mileage of Car

Did you know, without proper maintenance of your car, you are spending 30% more on fuel? You do not necessarily have to be a ‘hypermiler’ to make your car fuel-efficient. Just regular service, oil, and air-filter change can increase mileage of car. Read the owner’s manual meticulously and know the period after which you need to change your air filters. Find out what type and grade of motor oil is recommended by the manufacturer.


When you take your car for a regular engine check-up, make sure you get your corroded battery cables cleaned as it makes the alternator work harder by using more fuel. You can also get your car’s wheels and suspension alignment checked as bent wheels and worn shocks lead to increased fuel consumption. 

Maintain Suitable Tyre Pressure to Reduce Fuel Consumption of a Car

Frequently measure the tire pressure of your car. Vehicles with under-inflated tires tend to burn more fuel. It is important to check the recommendations of the auto manufacturer in the user manual. Try to get the pressure checked from more than one station as double-checking is always a better option. 


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Turn on Cruise Control to Get More Mileage

Wondering how to save petrol in a car with Cruise Control? Well, when driving on the highway/motorway, make sure to turn on the cruise control feature of your car (if available). It can save fuel up to 6%. This mode will fix the speed at the desired level. As a result of no acceleration or deceleration, the mileage of the car is improved.


Avoid Idling to Increase Mileage of Car

Modern engines consume less fuel if you switch them off and turn them on again. If you have to stand idle somewhere, turning the engine off can reduce the fuel consumption of the car. If the car stands idle for more than a minute, it decreases the fuel efficiency of your car.


Acceleration and Gear Changing Technique Affect Fuel Average

Driving your car in the highest gear can be a fuel-efficient way to drive around. Generally, some people have figured out a way to change the gears between 2000-2500 rpm.


Constant acceleration and braking results in increased fuel consumption. Pressing the race pedal hard decreases the fuel average of the car. So, avoid hard acceleration. Make sure that you drive at a steady pace without unnecessarily slowing or speeding up your car. It helps improve the fuel economy of cars significantly.  It is among the best tips to increase mileage of car.

Reduce Weight to Increase Mileage of Car

You can shed some weight from your car when you are taking your car on a long drive. Ask yourself what is extremely important to you and let other things stay at home. The heavier your car, the more power it will have to generate, resulting in increased fuel consumption. So, reducing the weight is among the best tips to increase mileage of a car.


Avoid Pressing the Brake for Long Periods to Reduce Fuel Consumption of a Car

Braking for long periods of time causes mechanical drag. In order to overcome this, the car has to burn extra fuel which increases fuel consumption.


Minimize the Use of Air Conditioner to Improve Fuel Average of Car

It is a universal rule that the use of AC reduces the fuel average of cars. The more you use AC in a car the less its fuel efficiency will be. So, only turn the AC on when needed the most.


Close the Windows Helps Reduce Fuel Consumption of a Car

You must be wondering how closing the windows can improve the fuel economy of the car, right? Well, It is only when the car is at a high speed. You need to close the car windows at high speed (generally 80 km/h). Open windows can create more drag and wind resistance resulting in increased fuel consumption. Only in this situation, AC can be a better choice than opening the windows. Otherwise, avoid turning on the AC, as it increases fuel consumption. 


How to Calculate Fuel Average Correctly

Many people know how to calculate fuel average, but some of them do it incorrectly. Here is the correct way to calculate the fuel economy of cars.

  • Fill the tank to the top.
  • Note down your mileage (reading on the odometer) or reset the trip meter.
  • Next time you visit the petrol station, get the tank filled to the top (at the same level as before).
  • Note the reading (km) on the trip meter or subtract the current reading from the previous reading (km).
  • Note the number of liters.
  • Divide the number of kilometers by the liters of petrol you purchased (km/l).
  • You will get km/l of your car since the last time you fill-up the tank.

Bonus Tips

Avoiding rough and bumpy roads can also save fuel as rough conditions mean more friction to the tyres. Due to this, the engine has to burn more fuel to maintain its speed. Choosing a smoother road is a better option if you are wondering about how to get more mileage.

How to reduce the fuel consumption of a car is a popular question. However, it is more important nowadays as the petrol prices are high. The best thing to keep in mind is that you need to focus on different tips listed in this guide. Collective use of these tips will help you get the best fuel economy from your car. 

What are your tips and hacks to reduce fuel consumption of your car? Tell us in the comment section. 

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