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PlayStation 5: First Look

Sony has finally unveiled its much-awaited gaming console, and we could not hold back our excitement. After so many years in development and hype, the PlayStation 5 is finally here and it’s packed with lots of new features and upgrades.

Sony has planned to start shipping the console on 12th of November 2020, and all the gamers are impatiently waiting to get their hands on it as soon as its officially out.

The console has been built from the ground up with seamless user experience, and many improvements over the previous generation console in mind. So, let’s dive into the depths and see what this next-generation gaming console has in store for us!

Powerful hardware under the hood

Inside the futuristic looking piece of hardware, Sony has packed some seriously powerful set of components, that join together to make this powerhouse come to life. When we talk about its size, it is the largest gaming console that Sony has built to date, thanks to its best-in-class cooling abilities.

When the PS4 came out, it gained notoriety because of its ultra-loud cooling fan, which was so significant that sometimes it was the only thing the user heard. It was due to a number of issues, such as the capacity of the cooling system and poor dust control mechanisms in place. Sony has managed to get ahead of that by making a proper cooling chamber inside the new console, along with dust-stoppers.

Talking about the CPU, PS5 comes equipped with a custom-designed 8-core AMD Zen 2 chip, coupled up with a GDDR6 16 GB RAM. Furthermore, the GPU is a custom-built AMD RDNA 2 based graphics chipset. The sound chip is built upon a pioneering audio technology termed as Tempest Engine, which brings revolutionary 3D audio to a gaming console for the first time.

The console is capable of blasting a maximum output resolution of 8K UHD (on supported TV’s), when matched with ray tracing and spatial audio, delivers a jaw-dropping gaming experience.

Summing up the power of all the hardware combined – the PS5 is roaring to be benchmarked and stress-tested with most of the console intensive media you can come up with.

The magic of DualSense

The new console comes along with a brand-new controller, which is a major leap in the controller lineup that Sony has been releasing. Hence, the new name instead of being called DualShock 5.

The DualSense controller comes in a duo-tone design, which adds contrast to the dull aesthetics that have been the emblem of the DualShock controllers. The controller also incorporates the same multi-touchpad as the previous controller, along with thumb-sticks and four action buttons combo.

Positioning of the lightbar has changed from the front to sides of the touchpad, giving it an ultramodern look and feel. The most innovative feature is the addition of a purpose-built haptic engine, which gives varying levels of sensations based upon surfaces and other in-game dynamics.

As said by Sony:

“DualSense adds a variety of powerful sensations you’ll feel when you play, such as the slow grittiness of driving a car through mud”

In addition, the adaptive triggers deliver multiple echelons of resistance, setting a new bar in the intensity of immersion gamers experience.

Upon launch, the console would be available in two variants: digital edition and disc edition. The disc edition would have a slightly thicker profile attributing to the disc drive. This being said, there aren’t any other differences and both the console variants are indistinguishable in all other aspects.

The new PlayStation has a lot to offer in terms of user-experience, features, and hardware. It rips through any sort of metrics it will be evaluated upon, and since it is evolving, it will take us some time to get to the true potential of this beast.

Until then, stay tuned to our blog as we unravel the PS5 and bring you the newest insights on it.

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