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How to Inculcate Reading Habits in Your Kids?

Here are some no-brainer tips to kindle the passion of books in your kids. (Hang tight! Because you are going to be surprised with the results).

A child eloquently speaking Shakespearean words in front of guests is every parent’s dream come true. But the challenge remains as dreams don’t turn into reality overnight. It takes years of patience and hard work to raise a reader. 

Are you currently grappling to inculcate reading habits in your children (who are much more persistent in saying NO than you)? The good news is, the chase is finally over! 

Here are some no-brainer tips to kindle the passion of books in your kids. (Hang tight! Because you are going to be surprised with the results).  

Make reading fun

Make it fun

For a while, set aside all that classic literature you have planned for them. Tell them stories that they fantasize about. If your children love mythical creatures then play on their eagerness to hear stories about imaginary beings. When you allow them to pick and choose their favorites, children are bound to get lost in the world of books. 

Start early

Start early 

If you want your child to sleep curled up with books, you have to ignite their love for books earlier. Start from infancy. Mesmerize your baby with highly visual, no-text books. Make them interact with books like they do with toys, peepholes, and mirrors. Readout aloud to children. This will boost up their vocabulary and communication skills. 

Treat kids as reading buddies

Treat them as your reading buddies 

No one else can be a more loyal reading buddy than your kids. Ask them to accompany you to the library and book shops. This will allow them to explore new genres and authors on their own. Frequent library or book shop visits will open up a new world to them and feed their curiosity. You can find some of the amazing reads at OLX Pakistan as well. 

Reading is not just only about books

Reading is not limited to books!

Encourage reading at all times, places, and in all mediums. You don’t have to wave a book at them each time. Let them read signboards on the road, pamphlets, magazines, and even the ingredients written at the back of their snacks. The more stuff they read, the better chances of them to become well-grounded readers. 

Play draw the word game with kids

Play “draw the word” game 

Children are quick learners especially when it’s fun. To make things interesting, play games like draw the word. Ask them to draw, sketch or paint the words they read or listen to. Create word-baskets. Enhance their vocabulary by talking to them in kid-friendly language and asking them to illustrate it on paper. Take turns to explain the word illustrations. 

Book shelves are a good gifting idea for kids

Make books their prized possession 

Gift them books or book accessories on special occasions such as birthdays or achievements. Eye-catching bookmarks or cute bookshelves are an absolute hit! This will enhance their love for books. No other gift can be more meaningful than books. Surrounding kids with books amplifies their interactivity and interest by two folds. 

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