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7 Hacks to Make Your Lawn Look Bigger

7 Hacks to Make Your Lawn Look Bigger

A small lawn may have put you off from beautifying it. But if this is the only reason why you haven’t been able to spruce up your lawn then this can change without you moving into a bigger house. There are ways or hacks to make your existing lawn look bigger. It would require some investment though; however, making your lawn look bigger would also require careful planning and organization, which are for free. In the end, it’s all worth it because you’ll have a lawn which looks more spacious, attractive and inviting. 

If you are still with us, let’s make your small lawn more spacious and attractive. 


If your lawn is covered by walls or fences, then coloring them differently alone can make it look bigger. Do you know that Green is one of the colors that can make your lawn look bigger? Also, it would blend with your lawn’s greenery. Many people think that coloring the fence or wall white would do the trick but experts disagree. They recommend lighter colors. If you don’t like the color green then consider light blue or cream colors. If you’ve bought a lot of paint then why not color your lawn furniture in a lighter tone. 


Try creating a mirrored wall at the back of your lawn and then leave us a feedback in the comment section. Get some garden mirrors and place them around the corners, your lawn would look bigger. So, what is so magical about the mirrors? As you know, they reflect light, which creates the illusion of a bigger space. If you don’t want to spend on buying mirrors, no problem. Do you have unused reflective surfaces at home like stainless steel or glass? Use these instead of mirrors. 


The right amount of light can make all the difference. Use string lights high up on the fence or wall. Place lights within flower beds. In addition to making your lawn look bigger, a soft glow rather than a bright white light, can transform your lawn into a cozy, relaxing space. 

Planters Instead of Bushes

If your lawn is full of shrub-like plants, they are occupying a lot of space and probably blocking the light as well. So, get rid of them. Instead, get large planters and grow colorful seasonal flowers in them. You can also start an organic garden of sorts in your lawn, where you can grow lettuce, mint, parsley, tomatoes, etc. They will provide you with fresh produce, help you save money and have an uncluttered lawn. 


Do not overcrowd your lawn with different types of flowers and plants. This will make your already small lawn cluttered and even messy. Instead, pick up three different seasonal flowers from your local nursery. They will add color to your garden as well as make it look tidy. 


Large pieces of furniture in a small lawn is a straight away no no. Proportion is the key. Get slimline furniture like an L-shaped bench, etc. A folding table and chairs can also work. Get furniture which is multifunctional like a stool or storage ottoman which can also serve as a side table and offer extra seating, etc. 

Smart Division 

To make your lawn look bigger, tidy and manageable, divide it up into zones. For example, have planters or flower beds in one corner, lawn furniture in another, etc. Also, consider dividing up your lawn into two with a graveled path or paved area in the middle, etc. A neatly organized lawn would look bigger or spacious. 

These were some of the hacks which you should try and convert your lawn into a bigger lawn. If you have tips of your own to share, do leave a comment below. And don’t forget to check out garden and outdoor items on sale on OLX Pakistan. 

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