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Exploring the Unique and Diverse World of Carpet Designs: A Journey Through Afghan, Pakistani, Persian, and Turkish Carpets

Exploring the Unique and Diverse World of Carpet Designs: A Journey Through Afghan, Pakistani, Persian, and Turkish Carpets

Throughout history, from its rich history and culture to culinary arts and an assortment of spices, the Orient has been associated with a multitude of splendors. Asia has kept the world mesmerized by its countless offerings. Furthermore, the Orient has excelled and still leads in the art of carpet weaving. 

The ancient civilization of Persia, modern day Iran, is known for its beautiful carpets. Turkish artisans are known for making intricate geometric patterns, while carpet weavers of Afghanistan are world-renowned for making rich colored, intricate designed, durable carpets. 

Pakistani carpet designs are no less. Made by skilled craftsmen, Pakistani carpets have come to be associated with Islamic art and architecture designs. Moreover, one of the hallmarks of Pakistani carpet designs is the use of subtle and muted colors. 

In this blog, we will explore each of these carpet designs in some detail. Also, the terms “carpets” and “rugs” will be used interchangeably for the sake of convenience. 

Afghan Carpet Designs 

For a layperson, it is often hard to distinguish between Afghan and Persian carpet designs. Reason being both are known for the use of rich colors and intricate design patterns. In any case, carpets have been weaved for centuries in Afghanistan. With its myriad of tribes, each leaving its own mark, Afghan carpets and rugs are as diverse as Afghan people. Since Afghan carpet weavers are mostly nomadic, therefore their designs reflect their culture and heritage. 

If you are specifically looking for an Afghan carpet, look for the following:

  • Bold geometric patterns
  • Intricate medallions
  • Floral motifs

As mentioned above, Afghan carpet weavers abundantly make use of rich colors like red, blue and brown and their shades.  

Pakistan Carpet Designs

Image credit: PCMEA FB Page

Like in the rest of West Asia, the trade of carpet weaving moves down from generation to generation. As a result of an inherited art, Pakistani carpet designs are known for floral motifs, geometric patterns and intricate medallions. The use of color, as mentioned earlier, is muted with colors like blue, ivory and beige and their shades taking prominence. If you are looking for carpets depicting Islamic art and architecture, check them out on OLX Pakistan’s listings.  

Persian Carpet Designs

Perhaps the most popular and expensive carpets in the world, Persian carpets are known for their beauty and durability. Their designs are inspired by nature, Islamic art and architecture, and ancient Persian civilization. Similarly, like the Afghan carpet design, Persian carpets are known for intricate floral motifs, medallions, and geometric patterns. The colors are also bold and vibrant with shades of red, blue and green in prominence. 

Some of the many types of Persian carpets are:

  • Hamedan
  • Isfahan
  • Kazvin
  • Karaja
  • Heriz

Carpets from Isfahan are considered to be the best of all Persian carpets. 

Turkish Carpet Designs

The art of carpet weaving in Turkey dates back to the 13th century, before the advent of the Ottoman Empire. Turkish carpet designs like those of Persian, Afghan and Pakistani carpets, are inspired by Islamic art and architecture. Floral motifs and geometric patterns are the hallmark of Turkish carpets, which are of high quality and therefore durable. The use of color schemes in Turkish carpets is similar to those of Persian and Afghan carpets as they are rich and vibrant with the use of red, blue and green colors. 

Carpet Prices in Pakistan

A variety of carpets and rugs are available in Pakistan, both local and imported. Depending upon their size, origin, pattern, design and quality they’ll vary in price. The following table should help you get an idea of their current approximate prices.

SizePrice (Rs.)
2’ 6” ✖ 4’30,000 – 60,000
3’ ✖ 5’30,000 – 175,000
4’ ✖ 6’30,000 – 280,000
4’ 6” ✖ 7’30,000 – 155,000
5’ ✖ 8’40,000 – 800,000
6’ ✖ 9’40,000 – 1,100,000
8’ ✖ 10’100,000 – 1,600,000

If you have read the blog till here and find yourself confused between Persian, Afghan and Turkish rugs, don’t be. There are striking similarities between the three. Persian, Afghan and Turkish carpets are woven using either the Persian knot or the Turkish knot. All three countries use materials like cotton, wool, goat hair and silk to weave carpets, which further adds to their similarities. Pakistani carpets, however, can be readily identified for their use of subtle and muted colors. 

This was a brief introduction to the four main types of carpets and rugs in the world. Do leave your comments so our readers can learn more about carpets. 

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