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10 Popular Kids Bed Designs in Pakistan

10 Popular Kids Bed Designs in Pakistan

A bed is not just a bed for kids. It is their territory and the first space that belongs only to them. It is the reason why you should choose it carefully as it can influence their personality. A carefully chosen bed can help your kids sleep better which can impact on the overall physical and mental development of kids in a positive way. Now, you must be wondering about the best kids bed designs in Pakistan right?

Well! Bed designs for babies and kids can differ in some cases. But don’t worry, we are here with the best bed design for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, school-aged kids, and even adolescents. 

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So, let’s begin with our first design.

Car Shape Bed

We all know kids just love cars, don’t we? What about giving them a bed which has a car shape and design? Kids of different age groups (Toddlers or even adolescents) like this design. If your kid is crazy about cars and racing, you can buy them a car bed  (choose their dream car for bed design). They are available in different sizes so you can choose the best one as per your kid’s age. 

Princes Style Bed

Well! This bed design is associated with girls and it has been highly popular for a very long time. Pink, red, and white color themes with printed cartoon princesses are the main characteristics of these beds. You can buy a princess bed to make your little one feel like a princess herself. This design is also available for baby beds but may not influence the newborn or infants emotionally. 

Baby Cot

A Baby cot is a highly popular bed design for infants and even for newborns in Pakistan. They mostly have side walls to prevent your little one from falling outside. You can buy baby cots of different styles as their size, designs, shapes, and styles differ a lot from each other. Here are the popular variations of baby cots.

  • Swing baby cot 
  • Free standing cot
  • Baske baby cot

Superhero Bed Design

Superhero beds are also quite popular not only in Pakistan but all over the globe. They are suitable for both genders. Imagine the superhero(s) your kid loves is printed on his/her bed along with a matching theme (paint), he/she will just love it. Batman, Spiderman, Barbie, and many more characters are popular. The good news is you can buy the beds printed with the pictures of these characters. It is among the best kids bed designs in Pakistan.

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Bunk Bed for Kids

Most of us know about Bunk Beds which are highly popular in Pakistan due to their space-saving abilities. These beds come in double or even triple-story forms. These are most suitable if you have 2 or more kids but space is an issue. Your kids can climb up via ladder on the 2nd or 3rd story which is also a fun and healthy activity for your little ones. You can buy bunk beds in numerous shapes and styles. 

Treehouse Style Bed

Treehouse bed design has been a popular choice of many parents for a very long time all over the globe. But many in Pakistan don’t know about it. It can initiate the adventure mode of your kids. If the treehouse bed is creatively designed, it can make every night of your kids full of thrill. You can ask a carpenter to make a custom treehouse bed to add more fun elements to it like a swing on the side, ladders, etc.

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Castle Bed Design

Owning a castle bed is the dream of many children. Do you remember the childhood dream of living in a castle? Our kids are still in that phase, so their own castle bed can excite them very much. It can really make them feel like the king or queen of the castle. It is not a very popular kids bed design in Pakistan so you can also give something unique to your children. 


Tent Style Bed

For all adventure-lover parents, if you want to give your kids a thrilling experience, a tent bed can be a great option. Some of these beds have a tent shape while others come with sheets around the bed to make it look like a tent. You can choose from different tent bed designs available in Pakistan.


Loft Bed With Storage

If storage is an issue at your house, you can buy a loft bed for your kids. In this type of bed, you get extra storage options in the form of drawers and cabins. Due to this, you can easily store your items inside the bed of your children. Or, you can store the clothes or items of every kid in his/her loft bed. It is among the best kids bed designs in Pakistan because of its utility.


House Shaped Bed

It is yet another impressive kid bed design idea. Giving your kid a house-shaped bed will fascinate them a lot as he/she will consider his/her own house where she can do anything. Kids also like space, so it is the perfect way of giving them the space needed. 

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Choosing the best bed design for your kid is an important task. This decision can make your kid more creative, exciting, happy, and sleep better if you choose the right bed. We have shown the best kid and baby bed designs in Pakistan to help you buy the most appropriate kid or baby bed.

Which kid bed design do you like the most? Tell us in the comment section below.

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