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In the Lap of Luxury: Discovering the Best Furniture Brands in Pakistan

In the Lap of Luxury: Discovering the Best Furniture Brands in Pakistan

Craftsmen from Chiniot have been carving flowers and geometric patterns onto wood and other materials for centuries. Chinioti craftsmen are so skillful that it is thought they were employed by the Mughals during the construction of the Taj Mahal and by the Sikhs for the construction of the Golden Temple. However, Chinioti craftsmanship has permeated Pakistan, extending far beyond Chiniot. Today, furniture from every nook and cranny of Pakistan is known worldwide for its aesthetics, practicality, finesse, and affordability. In this blog, we will list some of the best furniture brands in Pakistan for you.


Established in 1974, Interwood Mobel (Pvt.) Ltd. has evolved into Pakistan’s most trusted furniture brand. Originating as a small workshop in Karachi, it quickly gained popularity, expanding into a major player with nine showrooms across the country. Today, Interwood actively collaborates with international experts and continuously introduces new trends.

Interwood offers a comprehensive range of furniture, including home and office furniture, kitchens, doors, wardrobes, flooring, and accessories. 


ChenOne, a subsidiary of the Faisalabad-based Chenab Group, is one of the best known furniture brands in Pakistan. The company claims that the core belief at ChenOne is to embody the essence of fashion and luxury, offering an iconic indulgence experience. 

Like Interwood, it offers a comprehensive range of furniture, including home and office furniture, kitchens, doors, wardrobes, flooring, and accessories. 


Established in 2001, Habitt positions itself as a major player in the home and interior d├ęcor sector in Pakistan. Their focus lies in curating a range of merchandise, locally and globally, with an emphasis on cost-effective, quality products. Acting as a comprehensive home solution, Habitt places importance on quality and affordability. The dedicated staff is committed to providing a positive customer service experience, with the goal of building lasting customer relationships. With a steadily expanding customer base, Habitt continues to be a significant player in the local furniture industry.

Gourmet Homes & Furnishers

Established in 2013, Gourmet Homes and Furnishers claims to provide a distinctive combination of contemporary and classical furniture, along with accessories and fully furnished houses. Emphasizing the importance of quality, durability, and value in furniture, the team at Gourmet Homes & Furnishers strives to transform houses into comfortable homes without the need for high costs. The focus is on delivering quality at an affordable price, without compromising on either aspect.


The Kalamkaar furniture brand is renowned for offering artistic furniture in Pakistan, known for its unique and novel designs infused with an artistic touch reflecting South Asian traditions. Kalamkaar is especially well-known for its imperial furniture showcased at weddings. 

The brand has achieved international recognition, with world-class showrooms both in Pakistan and abroad. Their catalog encompasses a range of items for homes, outdoor spaces, offices, and restaurants, blending ancient influences with modern designs.

Their magnificent furniture finds common use in bedrooms, drawing rooms, and lounges.

Mohkam Furniture

Established in 1974, Mohkam Furniture is a company dedicated to manufacturing, exporting, and retailing high-quality home furniture. The company, specializing in supplying architects, interior designers, and residential clients, creates hand-made furniture from traditional and imported woods such as Sheesham, Walnut, Oak, Mahogany, Ash, Beech, Teak, and more. With a commitment to delivering ageless pieces of art and lifetime possessions, the company combines superior quality materials for luxury living.

We would like to remind our readers that this list is not exhaustive and is not presented in any particular ascending or descending order of importance. Most, if not all, of these brands and their products, in new and used conditions, are available on Furniture & Home Decor listings on OLX Pakistan. Do check them out before making your final purchase. 

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