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Things to consider before having a pet

Things to consider before having a pet

Getting a new pet is just like entering into a new relationship or having a baby. It’s a lot of responsibility and you better be ready for it. So, before you decide to have this “new relationship” or “baby”, you should be 100 percent sure that you are doing it for all the right reasons. 

Speaking of the right reasons – having a pet because you’re lonely or you want to rescue abandoned animals is the perfect excuse. 

However, knowing your reasons to have a pet is just one part of the journey; there’s a lot more. You are going to bring a dependent into the house, so consider the following to avoid any unwanted situation in your community. 

Check out the restrictions for pets

Checking out the restrictions (neighborhood laws) is the first thing you should consider before getting a pet. Some housing societies want their residents to register their pets. You should also consider the laws regarding the pet you want to adopt. For example, in Punjab, you cannot put a monkey or a bear in a cage due to restrictions by the wildlife department. Some animals are allowed in villages but not in residential areas of big cities. So, it is important to gather all the information regarding restrictions and prohibitions with respect to both provincial and federal laws. 

This could be a long-term responsibility. Are you up for it? 

Owning a pet is a long term commitment as many animals have a long life span. As the pet is going to be dependent on you, you must be responsible enough to take care of it in every manner. It also requires consistency as you might be responsible for a short duration but might not be able to take responsibility for a long period. So, answer this question before you move any further.

Remember that many pets require a lot of attention. For example, dogs, unlike fish, require and demand your attention all the time. They also need to be walked outside two to three times a day. Cats require proper attention too, including hugs and other emotional bonding. If you can do this for a long period, then you can move to the next step.

Here is a list of average life spans of different animals. It will give you a better idea of how long you will have to commit with a specific pet.

NameLifespan (average)
Dogs10 – 13 years
Cats12 – 18 years
Goldfish10 – 15 years in ocean | 1 – 3 years in fish tank
Hens3 – 7 years
Parrots10 – 60 years
Rabbits8 – 12 years domestic | 2 – 3 years in wild

Note: These are average life spans so actual life spans can vary depending upon breeds, your level of care, and many other circumstances.

This table indicates the average lifespans of popular species you can have as a pet. The average lifespan of some animals as a pet is lower than the aforementioned average due to various reasons. A most important reason is care as people don’t have enough knowledge about the needs and requirements of pets. You will be lucky if your pet has a lifespan near to the listed one. 

Rabbits and other animals that are threatened from predators in the wild, live longer as pets.

Which is the most suitable pet for you?

Deciding which pet to have could be time taking and difficult. You can choose from many. People have their own reasons to select an animal for adoption. Here are some general reasons why people choose specific animals as pets. 

NameTop reasons to have as a pet
DogsHelp make the owner responsible, are loyal, and friendly.
CatsRequire less maintenance than dogs, less expensive, cute, and loving.
ChickenEconomical, productive (eggs), and can eat your leftover food.
ParrotsIntelligent, try to interact, less feeding cost, long lifespans, easy to train, beautiful, loving and very social.
RabbitsClose bond, cute, and inexpensive.
FishMultiple choices, less expensive to feed, don’t need grooming, and look beautiful in an aquarium or bowl.

The aforementioned table shows some of the many characteristics and benefits of various animals as pets to help you make your decision. 

Choose the right breed

When you have selected the right animal for your pet, it is important to choose the suitable breed. Animal species have different breeds having various characteristics. You can choose the one depending upon the characteristics you need in your pet to match your lifestyle. This table has some of the most popular breeds of different animals. 

NamePopular breeds
DogsGerman Shepherd, Labrador, Bulldog, and Siberian Husky (Russian Dog).
CatsPersian, Siberian, Siamese, Ragdoll, Himalayan, and American shorthair.
ChickenAsil/Aseel, Bantam, Golden Misri, Ayam Cemani, Sussex, Australorp, Silkie, Lohmann, Mianwali Hen.
ParrotsAfrican Gray, Fisher, Budgie (Budgerigar), Lovebird, Raw Parrot (Rose-ringed parakeet), Cockatoo, and Cockatiel.
RabbitsNew Zealand White, Rex, Flemish Giant, Lionhead, and Holland Lop.
FishBetta, Goldfish, Flowerhorn, Guppy, Koi, and Shark.

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Can you afford having a pet?

Owning a pet means you are going to have additional expenses. And sometimes, they might be higher than what you can expect. Food, routine veterinary care, grooming, training, toys, etc. Many people don’t know about different costs they have to bear when having an animal at home. These costs differ a lot depending upon the species, breeds, and many other things.

It is important to analyze the cost and see if you can really afford to have a pet or not as per your income. 

Research properly

Research is an important part when you are looking for a pet. You have to get information about various aspects of an animal. These elements vary depending upon the type of animal you choose. The following are some of the many areas in which you need to do proper research.

  • Lifecycle
  • Facts
  • Feed
  • Required environment
  • Required space
  • Common diseases, symptoms and their treatment
  • What to avoid
  • Habits

There can be many other areas in which you might need proper research depending upon the breed and animal type. 

Consider allergies

Pet allergies are common. So, it is important to know about them before you make your decision. Some people have cat allergies while others are allergic to dogs. You can play with a friend’s or family member’s pets to identify if you are allergic to the animal you want to have. Some allergies can become severe so it is better to identify them before having the animal at home.

If you have other family members at home, it is important to see if they are allergic or not. They are also going to be around your pet and have close contact with it so it is your responsibility to be absolutely sure in this regard. 

Trained vs untrained

Getting a trained or an untrained pet is a significant decision you need to make. It totally depends upon your personal preferences. Some people love to get a pet at an early age and train it themselves. It helps in better bonding as they can train it as per their requirements. Some people don’t want to have the hassle of training the animal as it takes a lot of time and patience. So, make the decision wisely in this matter. 

Training is essential for the animals as it helps in making them behave better, make them safer for kids, important for their safety, develop obedience, etc.

Right place to buy the pet

Stop searching for the pet shop near me on the internet as OLX Pakistan is the best place where you can see thousands of listings for different pet animals. This means you don’t need to visit a pet store because you can get the desired one online. Simply search for the animal name in the search bar or browse the OLX Pakistan’s animal category to buy the desired pets. There are different subcategories that contain popular animals in Pakistan. 

Bonus tip

Before welcoming the new member, gather all the required items in advance once you have finalized the pet. Get the pet house in advance as a welcome gift for your new family member. You can also purchase pet food and accessories for one week in advance. Doing it will help save your time later on.

Final thoughts

Owning a pet can be time consuming and costly. However, the emotional benefits you get from it are more than what you can expect. You can choose an animal that has low maintenance and feeding cost if your budget is tight. Do take a look at this blog in detail as it will help you make the right decision. 

Do you have a pet? Let us know about it and whether you would recommend others to have it. Do you have special tips to share with others? Let us know in the comment section.

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