What Your Car Reveals About Your Personality?


Unraveling the wonders of cars is much more than just knowing the mechanics. What comes off as a commodity is an enthralling experience for many. People associate their self-image to the cars they drive. Researchers and consumer psychologists have been grappling with the idea of viewing cars as a reflection of their owner’s personality. Cars are an insider of their driver’s attitude and lifestyle. It is not hard to gauge someone’s success and status by having a look at the type or style of car they drive. This might sound stereotypical but nevertheless, it’s often true. 

According to several studies, nearly 50% of people deem someone less attractive based on the car they drive. All of this boils down to the question that what does your car reveal about your personality? Some of the subtle messages which your car is giving to the onlookers are described below.


1. The Clean Freak 

A squeaky-clean car from inside out may mean two things. Either the car is new or the owner likes to keep it as fresh as new. If the latter applies to you, then it shows that you are a highly organized person. You like keeping things at their place and avoid complacency. Your car is equipped with all the necessities like tissue papers and air freshener. You are the kind of person who doesn’t want to indulge in irresponsible behavior. Your friends are not welcomed to eat food in your car. 


2. The Hoarder 

If your car is brimming with leftover junk food, bills and receipts, water bottles, and shopping bags then you are the arch-enemy of the clean freak driver. The disorganization of your car represents two things. Either you are too busy to organize your car or you just don’t care about it. In either case, a disorganized car represents a multi-tasker. The way the car is kept indicates the mental state of the driver. Studies indicate that a messy car driver often suffers from anxiety. 


3. The Artist

With efficient maneuverability, small cars can fit almost anywhere and so do the small car drivers. The free-spirited small car drivers exude charm and maturity. Artistic and creative people are often drawn towards small cars like mini coopers and Honda N-one. The fast and efficient small cars are a thrill for fun-loving people. High performance and miniaturized aesthetics and dynamics make the small car driver stand apart from the crowd. They never settle with obvious choices in life. 


4. The Workaholics

Workaholic people are utilitarian car buyers. They have an eye for comfort and premium car features that will go well along with their daily hustle and bustle. To them, safety features, fuel economy, number of seats and mileage matters the most. They are smart, family-oriented, and responsible people.  They strive for stability in life. This is why cars like Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, and Kia Sportage are mostly driven by ambitious professionals. 


5. The life of the party 

People who are the life of the party know how to create a long-lasting impression. The cars they drive reflect their desire for sophistication and individuality. This is why high-performance cars are their top choice. The shape of the car, the handling of the car, and its prestige matter the most for these discerning few people. They frequently dream about their next sports or luxury car. Cars like Tesla Model S, BMW i8, Lamborghini Huracan, McLaren 650 S, Ford Mustang are most likely to be their favorites. 

Keeping in view all of these subtle hints revealed by cars, it isn’t far-fetched to conclude that cars represent the lifestyle and attitude of their owners. 

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