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Owning up to 60% of the market share, Pak Suzuki has won over the small car segment of the automobile industry in Pakistan. Suzuki has become a household name in Pakistan, well-known for its budget-friendly car Suzuki Mehran.

After three decades, the production of hot-selling Suzuki Mehran came to a halt in 2019. The discontinuation was followed by the launch of the 8th generation Suzuki Alto 660cc in the market.

Suzuki Alto has long been available in the Pakistani automobile market. A lesser-known fact about Suzuki Alto is that different generations of Suzuki Alto were launched in Pakistan with different names. The first-generation Suzuki Alto was launched back in the 1980s. It was marketed as Suzuki FX. The Suzuki Mehran was technically the second-generation Suzuki Alto. It was followed by the release of subsequent generations until the 5th generation Suzuki Alto got discontinued in 2012. The discontinuation of Suzuki Alto 5th generation was based on the governmental policy to switch from carburetor setup to the Euro-II emission setup. The sixth and seventh generations weren’t released in Pakistan.

The Suzuki Alto has resurged in the Pakistani market after a hiatus of seven years. The retro-style, 8th generation Suzuki Alto 660cc is here to win over the customer base of Mehran. 

Cosmetically, the locally manufactured 8th generation Suzuki Alto is similar to its JDM version. The car comes with several style and technological upgrades from its previous generations. The configuration of the car provides a better fuel economy, making it one of the most budget-friendly cars available in the market right now. 



The box-shaped car boasts an aerodynamic design, which has improved its performance in terms of traction. The well-proportioned body of the car is enhanced by the sleek lines and curves running over its A-line. The wraparound headlight creates a perfect blend of aesthetic and geometry in the car design. 

Towards the rear-end, the compact design of the car is accentuated by its back door. The taillights are fitted into the rear bumper, which is one of the noticeable features of its style upgrade. The new Suzuki Alto 660cc comes in seven vibrant colors, which include: pearl black, graphite grey, silky silver, solid white, pearl red, sand beige, and cerulean blue.



The interior of the Suzuki Alto is characterized by comfort features. For a small compact car like Suzuki Alto, the interior is quite spacious, which could otherwise appear cramped as easily mistaken by the box-shape of the car. The neutral-themed car interior is quite aesthetically pleasing. 

The Suzuki Alto 660cc is fully-equipped with standard features like digital meter cluster, USB port, cup holders, and a puncture repair kit.

Suzuki Alto comes in three variants. VX is the base variant. VXR and VXL come with additional features. 

Engine And Transmission 

  • Three-cylinder petrol engine named as R06A engine. 
  • 27 liters fuel tank capacity 
  • 20 km/l mileage 
  • 56 Nm torque 
  • 5 speed transmission (both manual and automatic)

The following table represents different features offered by three variants of the 8th generation Suzuki Alto 660cc:

alto graph


The ex-factory price of the car ranges from PKR 1,198,000 to PKR 1,633,000.The Suzuki Alto 660cc broke the monthly sales record of Suzuki Mehran in 2019.About  4,924 units were sold in a single month, which is higher than the former record of 4,684 units of Suzuki Mehran. This shows that Suzuki Alto has already taken abuzz the market. Keeping in view its new features and affordability, this car is definitely worth consideration for budget-buyers.

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