Tips To Spot A Flood Damaged Car

Tips To Spot A Flood Damaged Car

We all know that flood damaged cars have serious mechanical and other issues that can make you regret your purchase after sometime. We have compiled a few checkpoints that you can consider while buying a used car to check for any flood damage. This is especially crucial for modern cars in which you can find intricate electrical components that can easily get damaged in flood water. Following are some aspects you can check for:

Check under the hood

Checking under the hood can let you know on some secrets that might not be disclosed by the owner. Usually things like rusty parts, crankcase oil, water lines on the inner fenders and stained air filters are all the key signs that the car might have faced flood damage.

Check under the seats

In order to dry them, seats are often removed after flooding of the car. Look out for dented or damaged nuts and bolts and damaged fabric material.

Check bolts and nuts

Nuts and bolts in the hidden areas like under the dashboard are indicative of flood damage to the car.

Test drive

Driving the car that you are about to buy is one of the best tests to find the truths about the history of the car. Check for any oil or fluid leakage and other aspects before you purchase the car.

Check the lights

Flood damaged cars have foggy headlights and taillights and have flood residue in them. However, not all cars with fogy lights are flood damaged. It is a reason to dig deeper for a car’s history.

Smell check

Sniffing around the interior of the car might sound ridiculous but it can reveal some hidden secrets. If it smells like must, mold or a strong perfume sprayed around to hide something, then these are all the red flags to look out for!

Check fabrics

Always look for damages to seat and other upholstery and carpets. If they are newer compared to the age of the car do inspect the reason. Moreover, if they haven’t been replaced, they will musty or stained.

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