MG ZS vs. Kia Sportage Alpha

The much-anticipated new entrants, MG ZS and Kia Sportage Alpha are marked with latest evolution in compact SUV category. What makes both these cars quite attractive for their customers is price range and latest features. Let us take a brief overview of how these fierce rivals are competing with each other.

Engine and Transmission

MG ZS boasts a 1490 cc engine which generates 113hp and 150Nm torque. On the other hand, Kia Sportage Alpha boasts of a 1999cc engine which generates 155hp and 196 Nm torque.

Kia Sportage Alpha comes with 6-speed automatic transmission whilst its rival MG ZS hosts a 4-speed automatic transmission. Both of these vehicles are Front-wheel drive (FWD).

Keeping in view the engine and transmission of both these vehicles, Kia Sportage Alpha is clearly a winner here.


MG ZS has a sensuous design. The design characterizes exclusivity and agility. To add the sense of luxury, the shape of the car is inspired from European aesthetic ratio. It has a luxurious front grille and LED DRL headlights. MG ZS comes with 18-inch alloy wheels.

On the other hand, Kia Sportage Alpha comes with an urban design. This subcompact sedan comes with astounding style. It has halogen front lamps and 17-inch alloy wheels. When it comes to exterior design, both MG ZS and Kia Sportage Alpha stand in a league of their own. So there is no winner here. The choice totally depends on your personal taste.

Parking Sensor and Rear Camera

The MG ZS has both parking sensors and rear camera while Kia Sportage Alpha only has rear camera. In this regard MG ZS, scores more than Kia Sportage Alpha.


MG ZS comes with 6 airbags while Kia Sportage Alpha has two airbags. Therefore, MG ZS is much safer than Kia Sportage Alpha.


The interior of MG ZS is all about soft materials and spaciousness. It comes with an 8-inch touch screen infotainment system. Kia Sportage Alpha boasts a captivating interior which is made up of finest materials. It has 7-inch touch screen infotainment system. So, in terms of infotainment system and experience, MG ZS is better. Another aspect where MG ZS wins is the seats material. It has leather seats while Kia Sportage Alpha has fabric seats.

Electronic Stability Program

MG ZS has electronic stability while Kia Sportage Alpha doesn’t. This makes the score of MG ZS higher because it offers more stability and safety. In emergency, EBD comes handy because the brakes of the car maintain the car’s balance. So clearly MG ZS wins here too.


Keeping in view all the interior and exterior features of the car, the decision of choosing one depends totally on personal taste. There are a few areas where Kia Sportage Alpha performs better such as engine and transmission. On the other hand, MG ZS provides more safety features.

The price of MG ZS is PKR 4,099,000 while Kia Sportage Alpha will cost you around PKR 4,294,000.

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