Here Are Some Tips To Keep Your Car Clean And Maintained

Here Are Some Tips To Keep Your Car Clean And Maintained

No matter how careful you are, your car becomes dirty at the end of the day especially if you living in arid climatic regions. Keeping a clean car is a good habit as it is the extension of our living space and can be used to ascertain our personalities. Just like we keep our homes clean, it is imperative to also clean our cars regularly. Cleaning your car can also prolong its life as dust and dirt particles can ruin the paint of your car. A clean car is also good for your self-esteem as you would not want to drive around in a dirty car.

The first thing that you can do is to park your car in a garage that is covered as it prevents your car getting dirty overnight or when it is not being used. It is understandable that not everyone has a garage but make sure you find one if you can to park your car. This is conducive to not cleaning your car frequently if not being used. Another thing that you can do is to wax your car form day to day as waxing makes it easier to wash your car the next time and it makes your car shiny and it stands out in a parking lot. Waxing means that you have to go out, put an effort and spend your money; however, it is the kind of investment that pays off.

Moreover, be mindful of knocking your shoes before getting in the car as it removes any dust or dirt that is stuck underneath your shoes. Knocking your shoes can also work in cold climates were it snows a lot. Also make sure that you clean any spillage like that of a drink promptly as it becomes very difficult to get rid of the more you wait. Moving on, always avoid snacking and eating in your car as you won’t have to remove empty food cartons, wrappers and bottles. You can also keep a trash bag in the car to accumulate all the used bottles and cartons in one place which you can take out at the end of the day when you park your car in the garage.

As we all know that cleaning the air vents in your car is a cumbersome process as it takes a lot of time. To make the process easier keep a small used brush and a small vacuum cleaner to keep your vents clean and dust free. This brush and vacuum combination can be used on any surface of the car, for example, all sorts of knobs in the car. Magic eraser can used to clean the leather seats that can house stains form oily hands if you are eating in your car.

Lastly, making a proper routine for washing your car or taking it to a car wash can be handy if you have a very busy lifestyle. Keep two buckets if you are cleaning your car on your own as one bucket can be used for clean water and the other for soapy water. Whenever possible try avoiding a pressure wash for your car as it can ruin the paint and, in worst case scenario, it can put a dent in the car’s body if you forget to adjust the pressure.

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