Can Mercedes A-Class Sedan Penetrate Pakistani Auto Market?

Can Mercedes A-Class Sedan Penetrate Pakistani Auto Market?

Over the years, the C-Class has been quite a hit in Pakistan mainly due to the quality and luxury offered by the brand and the affordable price point at which it is available in Pakistan. Its younger sibling, the A-Class will be available at a much cheaper price point and will provide similar levels of luxury to the premium market. However, the smaller size can be a problem for people with large families. The A-Class sedan is marketed in such a way so as to attract the younger buyers.

The new A-Class sedan comes equipped with standard and upgraded options that can be easily found in the high-end range of Mercedes models like the S-Class. This makes it an attractive option for those who do not want to have the sheer size of S-Class but want the luxury and cutting-edge tech features offered in the S-Class. The MBUX technology makes it just like an iPhone on the go and you can speak to your car much like you speak to your iPhone.

Coming to the exterior of the vehicle, it looks like the much expensive CLS-Class. The CLS-Class looks extremely sporty with a revolutionary style. Such an exterior style does not agree with everyone and this makes it a unique offering in the market. The interior also oozes class and the steering wheel is lifted right up from the S-Class and integrated into the A-Class. This gives the small sedan a premium and an upmarket feel. You can also equip your car with an ambient light feature that looks extremely cool at night.

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