Road Prince 70 2023 Model Launched in Pakistan

One after another, bike manufacturers are introducing the 2023 models of their motorcycles. Firstly, the Honda 70 2023 model and then Honda 125 2023 model was launched as well. Now, the 2023 model of Road Prince 70 is launched in Pakistan. Great news is the new Road Prince 70 2023 price in Pakistan is the same as the 2022 model. But is there any notable difference or just the sticker upgrade? Let’s find out.

Road Prince 70 2023 Model

If we look at the overall design of 2023 Road Prince Passion 70, there seems to be no change at all. But wait! Something has changed! Guess what? “Stickers” Again! Yes! The company has changed the stickers. So, Road Prince follows the tradition like other bike manufacturers in Pakistan. 

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As we don’t have much to talk about the new Road Prince 70 Model, let’s discuss its specs and features.

2023 Road Prince Passion 70 Specs and Features

Length x Width x Height1930 x 790 x 1190 mm
Wheelbase1235 mm
Fuel Tank9.5L
Dry Weight80 Kg
Engine Type 4 stroke air cooled
Fuel Consumption65 km/l (Advertised)
TransmissionFour Speed (Forward)
Max. Speed80 km/h (Advertised)
Head LightBeam Type 25/25
BrakesDrum (Front & back)
StartKick starter
FrameBackbone type

Just like the old Road Prince 70, this 2023 model has the same specs and features. The company could have introduced some new features as it is a “2023” model but the shape, features, and specs are almost like a 2003 model 70cc bike. 

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Here are some features as per the customers’ expectations that the company could have introduced in the new Road Prince Passion 70 Model.

  • Digital Meter
  • Gear Indicator
  • Modified fuel tank shape
  • Better seat
  • Better shock absorbers
  • Upgraded exhaust
  • Upgraded headlight and taillight design

Road Prince 70 2023 Price in Pakistan

Road Prince Passion 70 2023 model price in Pakistan is Rs.81,500. It is also the price of the 2022 model. You can easily buy the Road Prince bikes in Pakistan by visiting OLX Pakistan.


The new Road Prince bike does not seem new if we ignore the stickers. However, the audience it is made for don’t care much about it. Yes! Some people are there that want to get many reasonable upgrades mentioned above. But that segment might be too small for the company to consider and that is why they are not paying attention to their demands. We can only hope that the Pakistani bike manufacturers will bring their motorcycles to the international level some day.

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