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Putting Labradors And German Shepherds Head-To-Head

Putting Labradors And German Shepherds Head-To-Head

Although every dog breed is good in its own way, today we are going to compare two of the most popular dog breeds – Labradors and German Shepherds. Both these dog breeds are well liked by dog owners and enthusiasts. They are friendly and very loyal dog breeds; hence, people prefer to keep them around at home.

German shepherd

German shepherds are known for their agility and intelligence; hence, they are seen very often in police or armed forces. This is because they are easy to train and can be great as guard dogs. This does not mean that they are only suited for this purpose and cannot be kept at home. They can be trained to be kept at home and they have the ability to guard you home. Moreover, this breed has a very strong and firm mouth grip which is a testament to its strength. This breed is also renowned for its loyalty for its own kind and its owners. Due to their loyalty and defensive nature for their owners, German shepherd breed is a perfect one for families.

Fast facts about German shepherd breed:

  • High shedding tendency
  • Dense coat type
  • Pure breed
  • Pastoral breed group
  • Lifespan of 11 to 12 years

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Just like German shepherd breed, Labrador breed is also very popular across the globe. Similarly, Labradors are also very easy to train as they have heightened intelligence. Labradors are also very friendly and perfect as family dogs. They are known to love and crave attention from their owners. Once you successfully train and bond with your Labrador, it has the tendency to be your friend for life. Just like the German shepherd breed, Labradors have a heightened protective instincts. Moreover, if you have children at home, Labradors are a good fit as they are very friendly.

Fast facts about Labrador breed:

  • Medium shedding tendency
  • Dense and rough coat type
  • Pure breed
  • Gundog breed group
  • Lifespan of 13 to 14 years

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