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Honda bikes prices increased by as much as Rs.9,400

Honda bikes prices increased by as much as Rs.9,400

Honda is one of the most popular bike brands in Pakistan. It has been making locally manufactured vehicles for as long as we can remember. Recently, due to the further depreciation of the local currency, the auto manufacturers are increasing the prices of their bikes. After Yamaha and Suzuki had increased their prices, it was only a matter of time before Honda would do the same. And now it has.  

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Here are the updated prices of Honda bikes in Pakistan. 

Honda Bikes’ new Prices in Pakistan

ModelOld prices (Rs.)New prices (Rs.)Price difference (Rs.)
Honda CD-7094,90097,9003,000
Honda CD-70 Dream101,500104,5003,000
Honda Pridor 100130,500133,9003,400
Honda CG 125152,500155,9003,400
Honda CG 125S-SE182,000185,5003,500
Honda CB 125F218,500227,9009,400
Honda CB 150F (Red and Blue)273,500282,9009,400
Honda CB 150F (Silver)277,500286,9009,400

What do we think of this price hike?

It has now started to sound like a broken record. Auto manufacturing companies are almost waiting for the rupee to depreciate against the US dollar so they could increase their prices. Another convenient excuse for them is the new and added taxes, duties, etc. Keep in mind that Honda increased the prices of its bike 7 times last year. This is their first price hike of 2022. Looking at their history, this could be the tip of an iceberg. 

However, to facilitate its customers, Honda has introduced installment plans. Now you don’t have to pay the price in full to ride a brand-new Honda. 

How to obtain this facility? Check out our blog, how to get Honda bikes on instalment. What do make of this price increase? Are you still interested in buying a new Honda? Let us know. 

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