Latest Prices of Honda Bikes in Pakistan 2024

Latest Prices of Honda Bikes in Pakistan 2024

Atlas Honda is the top manufacturer of two wheelers in Pakistan. Its market share is even bigger than the combined market share of the other motorcycle manufacturers which shows it’s popularity in the country. It produces superior quality and durable bikes compared to many others which is the reason why many trust this brand. But Honda bike price in Pakistan is also quite expansive as compared to the other motorcycle manufacturers. Let’s see the latest prices of Honda 125, Pridor, CD 70, and other models.

Latest Honda CD 70 Price in Pakistan

Here is the latest Honda 70 price in Pakistan:

VariantsOld Price (Rs.)New Price (Rs.)Price Difference (Rs.)
Honda CD-70154,900157,9003,000
Honda CD-70 Dream165,900168,9003,000

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Latest Honda Pridor Price in Pakistan

Check out the new Honda 100 price in Pakistan:

VariantsOld Price (Rs.)New Price (Rs.)Price Difference (Rs.)
Honda Pridor 100203,900208,9005,000

Latest Honda 125 Price in Pakistan 

The following are the new CB 125F, CG 125 SE, and CG 125 prices in Pakistan:

VariantsOld Price (Rs.)New Price (Rs.)Price Difference (Rs.)
Honda CG 125229,900234,9005,000
Honda CG 125S-SE275,900282,9007,000
Honda CG 125S GoldNew Model292,900New Model
Honda CB 125F380,900390,90010,000

Latest Honda 150 Price in Pakistan 

Checkout the new Honda CB 150F price in Pakistan:

VariantsOld Price (Rs.)New Price (Rs.)Price Difference (Rs.)
Honda CB 150F (Red, Red and back)473,900493,90020,000
Honda CB 150F (Blue & Gray)477,900497,90020,000

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*It is important to note that these Honda bike prices in Pakistan are effective from 05-Aug-2023

Last time the company increased its bike prices was in August 2023 when the dollar rate went up a little. It is worth mentioning that when dollar rate goes up, many companies increase prices of their vehicles. However, when it comes down, most companies don’t decrease the prices. This practice must come to an end now as we are in 2024 and consumers are more educated now than ever.

We can only hope that the companies put an end to this price hike trend and start thinking about the common man. People are already fed up with these price hikes as the bike sales have declined on yearly basis. People are preferring to buy used bikes instead of new ones now.

Historic Price Difference

Here is the price difference of all Honda bikes since the start of 2022.

VariantsJan 2022 Price (Rs.)June 2024 Price (Rs.)Price Difference (Rs.)
Honda CD-7094,900157,90063,000
Honda CD-70 Dream101,500168,90067,400
Honda Pridor 100130,500208,90078,400
Honda CG 125152,500234,90082,400
Honda CG 125S-SE182,000282,900100,900
Honda CB 125F218,500390,900172,400
Honda CB 150F (Red and Blue)273,500493,900220,400
Honda CB 150F (Silver)277,500497,900220,400

Would you get a new Honda motorcycle or buy a used Honda bike now? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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