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Yamaha increases bikes prices in Pakistan

Yamaha increases bikes prices in Pakistan

Only two months ago, Yamaha increased the prices of its motorbikes on 1st December,2021. By the way, that was the 5th price hike of 2021. It seems like Yamaha wants to continue the streak of price increases for 2022 too! 

Yes! The prices have gone up again. 

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Here are the new prices for Yamaha Bikes 2022 in Pakistan effective immediately from 11th Feb, 2022.

VariantOld Price (Rs.)New Price (Rs.)Price Difference (Rs.)

Surprisingly, this price hike doesn’t include the star product of Yamaha. Apparently, Yamaha YBR125-G still sells for Rs. 220,500. This could boost its sales as now it would be cheaper than the Yamaha YBR125.

What do we think of the price increase? 

An overwhelming majority of bikes in Pakistan are locally manufactured. This being said, Yamaha should be sufficiently shielded from fluctuating foreign exchange rates. 

There is no justification for price increase other than the increased price of imported raw material. The government also doesn’t intervene in regulating the prices of bikes in Pakistan. Unfortunately, the consumer is left with no option but to buy expensive and sub-standard bikes. 

Let’s see how long these increased prices hold. Others like Suzuki and Honda will soon follow with their own list of new prices. What are your thoughts on this? 

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One response to “Yamaha increases bikes prices in Pakistan”

  1. The Auto sector is making their own choices with no legal and justified reasons, if the cost is monitored by Government than all will be cleared not a single 125 should be more than 125K

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