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Top 5 Water Dispensers for You: Stay Cool and Hydrated

Top 5 Water Dispensers for You: Stay Cool and Hydrated

In the blazing heat of summer, ensuring adequate hydration is essential. Hydration has been made easier with smart access to clean and cold water via water dispensers. Not only are water dispensers an easy water source, but a fashionable addition to your home as well. A glass of water chilled to perfection feels nothing short of a sip of bliss when you come home after a searing hot day.

Water dispensers may be pricey but buying the right one one can go a long way. Here we have narrowed down the list of the best water dispensers in Pakistan that you can buy. Let’s take a look at their features in detail along with their price in Pakistan.

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1. PEL 525 Curved Glass Door Dispenser

PEL serves among the top brands in electronics in Pakistan, including water dispensers. The PEL 525 is fantastic in looks as well as in performance. This model comes in a stylish design and offers three dazzling colors. Moreover, it is power efficient as it consumes merely 220V of electricity. Thanks to its recent technology, it produces less noise and provides an anti-rust feature too. Additionally, the PEL 525 comes with a mini refrigerator which can keep your food and drinks cold up to 3 degrees. Hence, you can enjoy a two-in-one combo in style!

Picture credits: PEL

PEL 525 Water Dispenser Price in Pakistan

The PEL water dispenser price in Pakistan for the model 525 curved glass door is Rs.39,500. 

2. Dawlance WD 1051 Water Dispenser

Quite classy in design, Dawlance WD 1051 is another model which tops the list of the best water dispensers in Pakistan. WD 1051 is highly efficient in its performance and offers a large water capacity. Unlike most dispensers, it has three faucets for cold, normal and hot water temperatures.

In addition to that, this model comes with a fridge where you can easily chill your drinks. It is like having a personal mini bar in your house. The Dawlance water dispenser is tailored according to your needs and makes healthy water consumption easier.

Picture credits: Dawlance

Dawlance WD 1051 Water Dispenser Price in Pakistan

The price of Dawlance WD 1051 water dispenser in Pakistan is Rs.45,500.

3. Haier -HWD-206R Water Dispenser

Haier presents the HWD-206R 2 tap water dispenser which ensures a durable performance while providing you purified drinking water. The design of this model is not much attractive but it does not compromise on quality and longevity. The Haier HDW-206R water dispenser uses Danfu brand compressor to cease the overheating issue.

On top of that, this dispenser also brings along a mini-fridge which gives a small cooling space for your edibles. However, it does not offer child safety features.

Haier HDW-206R Water Dispenser Price in Pakistan

The Haier HDW-206R water dispenser price in Pakistan is around Rs.35,000.

4. Homage HWD-49432 G MRG Water Dispenser

Reliability and durability join hands together to present the Homage HWD-49432 G MRG water dispenser. Its design is rather simple but the performance is remarkable. The highly efficient power consumption makes it an exciting catch for you. Moreover, the double safety device prevents it from overheating so you can enjoy chilled water for a long time. This Homage water dispenser is great to have around at a home with kids as it comes with a child-lock feature.

Picture credits: Homage

Homage HWD-49432G MR G Water Dispenser Price in Pakistan

The Homage model price in Pakistan is Rs.40,000.

5. Orient Crystal 3 Glass Door Water Dispenser

Orient also marks itself as a reliable brand for the best water dispensers in Pakistan. It has a stylish design which is further elevated by the efficient performance of Orient Crystal 3. Apart from fulfilling your basic water needs, this model also provides a few enhanced features which include a mini-fridge and child-safety lock features. Thus with this Orient water dispenser, you can enjoy longevity, convenience and effective performance.

Picture credits: Orient

Orient Crystal 3 Water Dispenser Price in Pakistan

The price of the Orient Crystal 3 in Pakistan is Rs.40,300.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, advanced filtration and energy-efficient cooling system of water dispensers have made safe water drinking effortless. Although the price of water dispensers have risen due to inflation, you should consider buying one for the sake of safety of your family. The above stated list are considered some of the best water dispensers in Pakistan with regard to their ergonomic designs and performance. Who knew safe water drinking could be made so easy!

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We hope the list was helpful! Which water dispenser did you end up buying from us? Let us know in the comments below.

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Note: The prices have been taken from the original brand pages and may slightly vary according to the model, availability, condition and buying source.

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