Beat the Heat: 7 Tips to Stay Hydrated

Beat the Heat: 7 Tips to Stay Hydrated

According to the founder of the New York Nutrition Group, Lisa Moskovitz, “Our bodies are roughly 60 percent water, so even the slightest bit of dehydration can negatively affect how we function, from energy levels to digestion and even immunity,”

It may not be of common knowledge but staying hydrated not only ensures that you are physically healthy but mentaly fit as well. According to a report published in Nutrition Reviews, in September 2015, even mild dehydration is linked to less alertness, more fatigue and a low energy.

Water is essential for supplying nutrients throughout the body, biochemical reactions, maintaining body temperature and blood circulations. It also aids in preventing constipation, stabilizing the heartbeat, protecting vital organs and tissues, etc. 

Now that we know the importance of staying hydrated, let’s discuss how to stay hydrated in summers or any other season for that matter. 

1. Let Your Water Bottle Do The Work

Carrying a water bottle with you all the time is the best thing you can do for yourself and your body. It is more likely that you will drink water if it is with you no matter where you are.

Having a water bottle is also a great visual reminder to keep yourself hydrated. There are various water bottles in the market that come with either a time marker or a measuring scale. These markers help you keep a track of your water intake.


You can buy any depending on your preference. 

2. One Glass Before You Sleep and After You Wake Up

Consuming one glass of water before you sleep and another after you wake up is a great way of increasing your water intake. 


A glass of water first thing in the morning will boost your alertness, whereas one before sleeping will help you prevent a dry mouth or bad breath after waking up.

3. Eat Your Water!

Contrary to popular belief, staying hydrated does not mean consuming liquids only. Our body also has the ability to absorb water from the foods that we consume. Try eating food items that are high in water content, for example, fruits and vegetables. 


Libby Mills, a Philadelphia-based spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and a Registered Dietician Nutritionist (RDN), says, “Fruits like cantaloupe, strawberries, and watermelon and vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage, celery, spinach, and cooked squash are about 90 percent water,” 

4. Give Yourself a Daily Count

Setting a daily goal for yourself will help you in consuming more water. This trick is tried and tested!


Keep these goals realistic and attainable. For example, you can begin with 5-6 glasses of water a day and gradually increase the number of glasses. You can also do this in liters per day. 

5. Water Not Soda

One smart technique that you can use to increase your water intake is by avoiding sodas. These drinks have high amounts of sugar which is extremely dangerous for your health, so replacing them with water is a great idea. 


We understand that cutting down on sodas at once is not possible, but as they say- slow and steady wins the race.

6. Drink One Glass of Water Before Each Meal

Another simple trick to stay hydrated is to drink a glass of water before each meal. If you eat three meals a day, it will add 3 extra glasses to your daily water count. 


Along with this, it will also help you in consuming less calories. 

7. Track Your Water Intake Using Your Phone or Smart Watch

With the advancement of technology, everything is available to you on your smartphone as well as your smart watch. There are various apps available for free on Google Play Store and App Store that help you count your water intake. 


Download any of these apps. They not only keep a count of your water intake but also give you timely reminders to consume water. 

While all of these tips and tricks are essential, it is also important to know that drinking clean water is extremely important. Try to get filtered water and if you are unable to do so, boil it at home before consuming it. If you want to get a water dispenser for your home, you can visit OLX Pakistan website.

We hope that this blog will not only help you understand the benefits of staying hydrated but will also motivate you to follow the above mentioned tips. Do let us know if these were of any help or not. If you have any other tips, drop them in the comments section below. 

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