Why Buying Used Bikes in Pakistan is a Better Idea?

Why Buying Used Bikes in Pakistan is a Better Idea?

With ever increasing prices and dwindling sales, the Pakistani automobile industry is going through one of the worst phases. If you are looking to buy a new motorcycle this year, buying a used bike in Pakistan would be a better decision. A used bike not only saves money but also comes with many other advantages. 

Let’s see the top benefits of buying used bikes.

Budget-Friendly Choice

No one can deny that buying a used bike is a budget-friendly choice. Depending upon the model, year and condition, you can get a motorcycle nearly half of the price of a new one. Buying a second-hand motorcycle also helps save other expenses like registration cost, first time taxes, and many more. 


Bike prices are frequently increasing as some manufacturers have raised the prices 6-7 times last year. Economic situation is not getting any better in 2023. It means we can expect price hikes again this year due to continuous depreciating of USD against PKR. So, getting a used motorcycle is a better option now.

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Immediate Delivery Without ON-Money

Immediate delivery is another benefit of buying a used bike in Pakistan. You can easily get the vehicle after purchasing it. Also, you don’t have to pay ON-money that some have to pay when looking for a new bike with immediate delivery. It not only saves you money but also time. 


Suitable for Learners

If it is your first bike and you are still in the learning phase, a used bike will give you a lot of confidence. You won’t have to worry about scratching your bike. The fear of an accident and damaging your new bike will not help you learn how to ride a motorcycle. 


So, get a cheap used bike and start learning on it. Afterwards, you may get a new bike if you need one. 

No Need to Wait for Registration

When you purchase a new bike, you’ll have to get it registered, which takes time and money. When you buy a second-hand motorcycle, the number plate is already there. So, you can take it out on the road. It is important to get the vehicle transferred immediately after purchasing it in used condition.


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Might Get a Great Customized Bike

When you look for a used bike, you might come across an impressively customized motorcycle. It is not the case when you go for a new one. Many people modify bikes in Pakistan and sell them afterwards. If you are fond of modified bikes, you can easily explore customized motorcycles available within your budget.


Plenty of Options Available

When you are looking for a new bike, you might have limited options within your budget but that isn’t the case when you look for a used one. There are multiple options available in any price range when we talk about a used motorcycle.


Take Yamaha YBR 125 G for example. The new one is priced at Rs.436,000 to Rs.439,000 (ex-factory price) depending on the model. However, you can buy a used Yamaha YBR 125G for a starting price of nearly Rs.1.5 lacs. If you want to buy a new one, the options are pretty limited if your budget is Rs.1.5 lacs. You can even buy a used Suzuki GS 150 at a starting price of nearly Rs.1 lacs. You have to pay Rs.364,000 if you opt for a new GS 150. 

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Reselling Will Not Hurt

Reselling a used bike doesn’t hurt as the difference is not much as compared to when you sell a new bike. Used bikes prices also appreciate when the prices of new models increase much like what is happening these days.


Buying a used bike is beneficial in most cases. Their budget-friendly cost, immediate availability, plenty of options, better resale value, etc. are some of the most important advantages. All of them show why getting a used bike is a better idea. 

Would you get a used motorcycle or a new one? Share your opinion in the comment section below.

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