Things to Consider When Purchasing a Used Bike

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Used Bike

Rising inflation has forced many of us to ride two wheelers. The main reason being its fuel economy, affordability and maneuvering through the traffic. According to Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA) 1.8M bikes were sold in 2020 – 2021 alone. The actual numbers are likely to be higher.

While buying a new bike isn’t much of a hassle since everything is brand new, it’s not the case for a used bike. 

There are lots of things you have to keep in mind while buying a second hand bike. Here is the complete checklist everyone should follow before buying a used bike. 

1. Shortlist Bikes

Budget is the foremost consideration whenever buying a vehicle. Decide what your budget is and then shortlist bikes accordingly. Keep some cushion in your budget for maintenance.  

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2. The Latest the Better

Some might think buying well-maintained older bikes is a good idea. It may be true but not always. To save yourself from unwanted risk and buying a defective vehicle, it’s better to invest in an updated model. There are few reasons for this:

  • High mileage/less fuel consumption
  • Advance technology
  • Less maintenance work
  • Good overall condition

3. Service Network

Buying a used bike isn’t only about purchasing. Once you own the vehicle, it’s only natural that you have to do regular maintenance. Check if the service network is available for that particular bike. In many cases, the service network is there but only limited to the company workshop or very few roadside mechanics. 


To get the best out of both worlds, make sure your potential bike has good company service networks as well as roadside workshops in case of an emergency. 

4. Parts Availability and Cost

Every vehicle needs maintenance parts. Make sure that you can afford to buy spare parts of the bike considering to purchase. Also, check for their availability. A classic example is the Suzuki GS 150. Even though it’s an excellent bike, its regular maintenance parts like air filter, tyre, etc. are hard to find. 

5. Physical Condition

Even if you have shortlisted a latest model bike, make sure to double-check its physical condition. If you can’t on your own, it’s advised to have your trusted mechanic inspect it. You can also look for the signs by yourself. Here is what you should look for before buying a used bike: 

  • Original Fuel tank and body panels
  • Oil leakage
  • Carbon build up
  • Original paint
  • Original side mirrors, original key
  • Any signs of body rust

6. Documents of the Bike

So you have selected and inspected the bike, it’s time to verify its documents to avoid any fraud. Always remember, bikes having duplicate documents are sold at cheaper rates. 

  • Ask for a registration book, check if it’s original or duplicate 
  • Bike file which includes invoice, sale deed and transfer letter
  • Original number plates if ever received by the owner
  • Bike card
  • Check if there are any legal proceedings in the police record against that bike
  • Finally verify the information on the documents from MTMIS for a cross-check

7. Replace Maintenance Parts Right Away

After buying the bike, don’t rely on the previous owner’s maintenance record. Go to your trusted workshop and replace all fluids, plus caps, filters etc. It won’t hurt much considering you have spent a huge amount to purchase it. Spending a few thousand on it, will make it brand new and increase the life of the vehicle. 

These were some of the most important tips we wanted to share with you. Do you have any other tips to share? Let us know in the comments below. 

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