Road Prince Bikes Price Increased for the 3rd Time in 2022

Road Prince Bikes Price Increased for the 3rd Time in 2022

As the current economic situation in Pakistan continues to worsen, Road Prince increased the prices of its bikes for the 3rd time in 2022. It is pretty bad news for many as mostly low income riders purchase these bikes. The company has increased the Road Prince bike price in Pakistan by up to Rs.3000

Last time, Road Prince Bike Prices were Increased in April, just one month ago. Let us see the new prices of the Road Prince bikes.

VariantOld Price (Rs.)New Price (Rs.)Price Difference (Rs.)
Passion 7067,00068,5001500
Classic 7073,00074,5001500
Passion Plus 7077,00078,5001500
Power Plus 10071,50073,0001500
Power Plus 11075,00076,5001500
Jackpot 11075,00076,5001500
Shift 125104,000107,0003000

These prices are effective from 26-May-2022.

As per the company, reasons behind this price hike are the increase in their manufacturing cost. It is mainly due to the increase in the price of USD, raw materials, steel, silver, etc.

After Road Prince, we can expect many other bike manufacturers to increase their motorcycle prices. So, the coming days are not only going to be tough for the elite after the ban on luxury imported items, but also for the low and middle income people.

Would you still get a new motorcycle or buy a used Road Prince bike? Tell us in the comment section below.

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