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Road Prince Bikes Price Increased in Pakistan Once Again

Road Prince Bikes Price Increased in Pakistan Once Again

There is no respite for potential auto buyers in Pakistan. Be it customers of new and old cars or bikes, auto prices keep going up every month, sometimes twice a month, forcing buyers to spend more. 

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  • As the car manufacturers are increasing the prices of their vehicles, bike manufacturers are following suit. Recently, Road Prince has increased the prices of its bikes, effective from April-30-2022

    The prices are up by Rs.2,000 for bikes upto 125cc. Let us see the latest Road Prince price in Pakistan.

    VariantsOld Price (Rs.)New Price (Rs.)Price Difference (Rs.)
    Passion 7065,00067,0002000
    Classic 7071,00073,0002000
    Passion Plus 7075,00077,0002000
    Power Plus 10069,50071,5002000
    Power Plus 11073,00075,0002000
    Jackpot 11073,00075,0002000
    Shift 125102,000104,0002000

    The stated reason or excuse for this is fluctuating US Dollar- Pak Rupee exchange rate, making imports even more expensive. Do you think it’s a legitimate excuse?

    Keeping in mind that most motorcycle manufacturing companies manufacture parts locally, we believe it is a questionable excuse. It is also worth reminding our readers that the Road Prince price in Pakistan increased as recently as last month. 

    After this increase, we expect other motorcycle manufacturers to follow the trend. 

    Do you think the price hikes these days are justified? Tell us in the comment section below.

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