The Reality of 16% Increase in Bike Sales

The Reality of 16% Increase in Bike Sales

Latest from PAMA Pakistan: Top Bike Brands in Pakistan (December 2022)

After the latest PAMA report for October 2022, many are surprised to see an increase of nearly 16% in the bike sales compared to previous month (September 2022). But don’t get carried away with this number just yet. In reality, the overall sales of bikes in Pakistan have actually declined by almost 36%. Shocking right?

Let’s decipher these two apparently opposite statistics based on the latest numbers released by the Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA).

Latest Bike Sales Numbers (PAMA Pakistan)

Let’s take a look at the overall bike sales statistics.

We will compare the following statistics:

  • YOY (year-on-year) sales: 

Sales of bikes in Oct 2022 as compared to their sales in the same month last year (Oct 2021).

  • MOM (month-on-month) sales: 

Sales of bikes in Oct 2022 compared to their sales for the previous month (Sep 2022).

Total Bike Sales Stats

Total YOY sales statistics:

Oct 2021Oct 2022DifferenceDifference (%)

Total MOM sales statistics:

Sep 2022Oct 2022DifferenceDifference (%)

Bikes’ Sales in Pakistan (October 2022)

Let’s see the MoM and YoY sales of bikes in Pakistan.

MOM Bikes’ Sales Data

As per the table, most of the bike manufacturers had positive month on month sales. Only the sales of Yamaha and Road Prince are negative compared to the previous year. Let’s see where all of them stand in year on year comparison.

Year on Year Bike Sales (Oct-21 vs Oct-22)

Here are the year on year bike sales statistics for major bike manufacturers.

The reality is exposed here as the sales of all the bike brands have declined massively compared to last year. The only positive number here belongs to Suzuki as its sales have increased by around 14%. 

Ravi bikes are the worst performer as their sales declined to almost -89%. The 2nd worst in the list are the Road Prince bikes with a -77% decline in sales. The 3rd worst performer is United Motorcycle with a decline of 68% in sales. Yamaha is the 4th worst performing brand with a -47% decline in sales.

We will discuss the reasons later in this blog.

Winners of Oct 2022

Let’s see the winners of October 2022.

Winners in Terms of the Number of Units Sold

Winners in Terms of % Difference in Units Sold

The Losers of Oct 2022

Let’s see the bike brands that have the least number of units sold.

Losers in Terms of the Number of Units Sold

Here are the bikes that have the least number of units sold in Oct 2022.

Ravi, despite being the most economical manufacturer, has sold the least number of bikes. Yamaha is also in this list with just 1,130 units. We have included Yamaha in this list because it has negative sales compared to the previous month which is described as follows.

Losers in Terms of % Difference in Units Sold

Let’s see the bikes that have lost their sales massively as compared to the previous month.

This table shows that Road Prince bikes, despite having a good total sales of 2,921 units, is the worst performer if we compare it with previous month. Road Prince sales are down by 7.8%. Yamaha is 2nd in this list with a 7.6% decline in the sales as compared to previous month.

Final Verdict

The bikes’ sales (monthly) have increased a little as compared to previous month. But the yearly sales have declined sharply for most bike manufacturers. 

Frequent price hikes are among the major reasons why the sales of bikes are declining. Even the sales of Chinese bike manufacturers like United Motorcycle and Road Prince are facing a sharp decline in sales. It shows that the bikes are out of the reach of the common man now. Many people have started to buy used bikes due to frequent price hikes by companies this year.

Do you think bike prices are the main reason why bikes’ sales are declining? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.

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