Yamaha Bike Prices in Pakistan Increased

Yamaha Bike Prices in Pakistan Increased

Bad news if you were planning to buy a new Yamaha 2-wheeler. The way things are, it seems, there will be many more. Yamaha bike prices in Pakistan have increased again. This time, the prices have been increased by up to Rs.15,500. The previous price increase was of up to Rs.38,500. Let’s see the new prices of YBR and YBZ, effective from May 4, 2023.

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Yamaha Bike Prices in Pakistan

Check out the new Yamaha bike prices in Pakistan.

Yamaha YBZ 125 Price in Pakistan

Here are the new prices of Yamaha YBZ 125 in Pakistan.

ModelOld prices (Rs.)New prices (Rs.)Price difference (Rs.)
Yamaha YB125Z Price in Pakistan342,500356,00013,500
Yamaha YB125Z-DX Price in Pakistan366,500381,50015,000

Yamaha YBR 125 Price in Pakistan

The following are the latest prices of YBR 125 in Pakistan.

ModelOld prices (Rs.)New prices (Rs.)Price difference (Rs.)
Yamaha YBR 125 price in Pakistan 376,500391,50015,000
Yamaha YBR 125G Price in Pakistan391,500407,00015,500
Yamaha YBR 125G Price in Pakistan (Matt Dark Gray)394,500410,00015,500

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This is a significant price hike for a two-wheeler and the customers will not like it. Yamaha had only recently raised the prices of its bikes by as much as Rs.38,500. This simply means that in one-month span, these bikes prices have shot up by at least Rs.48,000 and as much as Rs.54,000.

YBR has become the dream bike of many in the country. This price hike might be heartbreaking for many as the dream is going further away from the reach of middle-income people.

Another thing to mention is that when Dollar rate goes up, the companies increase the prices of their products. However when the Pakistani Rupee strengthen against USD, the companies don’t decrease their product prices. Even bike manufacturing is mostly localized. So, there is pretty less room for any justification behind this type of price hike rather than getting higher profit margins.

These frequent price hikes are one of the major reasons why Yamaha bike sales decreased in Feb 2023. It shows that customers are responding to price hikes. Let’s just hope the other bike companies don’t increase prices like Yamaha. But the past trend suggests the opposite as most bike manufacturers follow each other in price hikes.

Are you still willing to buy a new Yamaha bike after this price hike? Or want to buy a YBR / YBZ in used condition? Tell us in the comment section below.

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  1. Federal Government through ministry of industries must introduce Made in Pakistan Electric Bikes Policy immediately, otherwise it is difficult for us to manage Two-wheelers on lower Prices and import of Fuel for Bikes …

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