Endless Dip: Motorcycle Sales Showing No Sign of Recovery

Endless Dip: Motorcycle Sales Showing No Sign of Recovery

The latest PAMA report for the bike sales statistics for December 2022 is out. The numbers are still negative for the bike manufacturers. Year-on-year (YOY) bike sales have dropped by almost 27%. Month-on-month (MOM) sales have also dropped by nearly 7%. The situation isn’t much better than the previous month when the sales were down significantly on a year-on-year basis. If you were searching for the worst and the top bike brands in Pakistan as per December’s PAMA bike statistics, it is the right place.

Many of you will also be curious to know about the total sales of each bike manufacturer in 2022 after the year ends. We have added the winners & losers (bike brands) as per PAMA report and will also cover the annual bike sales of each brand in 2022 in this blog.

So, let’s start!

Latest Bike Sales Numbers (PAMA Pakistan)

Let’s take a look at the overall bike sales statistics.

We will compare the following statistics:

  • YOY (year-on-year) sales: 

Sales of bikes in Dec 2022 as compared to their sales in the same month last year (Dec 2021).

  • MOM (month-on-month) sales: 

Sales of bikes in Dec 2022 compared to their sales for the previous month (Nov 2022).

Total Bike Sales Stats

Total YOY sales statistics:

Dec 2021Dec 2022DifferenceDifference (%)

Total MOM sales statistics:

Nov 2022Dec 2022DifferenceDifference (%)

Bikes’ Sales in Pakistan (December 2022)

Let’s see the MoM and YoY sales of bikes in Pakistan.

Month-on-Month (MOM) Bikes’ Sales Data (Nov-22 vs Dec -22)

Here are the MOM sales of popular bike manufacturers/assemblers in Pakistan.

As we can see, the sales of most bike manufacturers are negative. However, Yamaha, Road Prince and Ravi have managed to get positive sales figures compared to the previous month.

Year-on-Year Bike Sales (Dec-21 vs Dec-22)

Here are the year-on-year bike sales statistics of major bike manufacturers in Pakistan.

This table shows that there is a major decrease in the sales of many bike manufacturers compared to the same month the previous year. Only Suzuki and Ravi have managed to get a positive number. In the case of Suzuki, sales are boosted due to the launch of the Suzuki GSX 125.

Winners of Dec 2022

Let’s see the winners of December 2022.

Honda is the top bike brand in Pakistan. Even with declined sales, it is still far better than all the others in the list. Even the combined sales of other bike brands are not close to Honda’s sales. Next in the line is United which is nearing the 10K sales mark again. 3rd position goes to Suzuki which is gaining momentum after the launch of the GSX 125 in Pakistan. 

The Losers of Dec 2022

Let’s see the bike brands that have the least number of units (bikes) sold.

Regardless of the positive difference in the month-on-month comparison, Ravi, Yamaha, and Road Prince are the losers in terms of the number of units sold. 

Bike Sales in 2022

Here are the number of motorcycles sold by each bike manufacturer in 2022 every month.


Honda sold around 1.2M motorcycles in 2022. Let’s see its monthly sales.



Suzuki Pakistan sold around 40.5K units in 202. Let’s see its monthly sales.



Yamaha sold nearly 18K bikes in 2022. Here are its monthly sales.


Road Prince

Road Prince sold around 49K bikes in 2022. Check out its monthly sales.



Total sales of United Motorcycles were nearly 166K in 2022. See its monthly sales in the following graph. 



Ravi sold nearly 2.1K motorcycles in 2022. Check out its monthly sales here.


Sales Comparison of Bike Manufacturers (2021 Vs 2022)

Here is the graph that shows the sales of each bike manufacturer compared to others in 2021 Vs 2022.

As we can see, Honda is the clear winner here. Yes! The tallest building in the street belongs to Honda. The 2nd most successful bike manufacturer (in terms of units sold) was United Motorcycle with 165,794 annual sales in 2022. 3rd on the list is Road Prince with nearly 50K units sold. Many of you will be shocked to see that Suzuki beats Yamaha with over 2 times more sales. However, we can see that the sales of all the bike manufacturers (except Suzuki) have declined in 2022 compared to 2021.

Market Share of Bike Manufacturers (2021 Vs 2022)

The following graph shows the year-on-year market share of each bike manufacturer compared to others mentioned here.

This graph shows that Honda has grabbed more market share in 2022 compared to 2021 despite lower sales. Suzuki has also gained a little more market share compared to previous year. It is mainly due to the introduction of Suzuki GSX 125 in 2022. The market share of United and Road Prince has suffered the most this year as the bikes become expensive that impacted the purchasing decisions of locals.

Final Verdict

The year 2022 was not good for the automobile industry and its consumers. Several bike manufacturers increased the prices of their vehicles by 6 to 7 times within 1 year. Due to this, many people started buying motorcycles in used condition instead of new ones. It impacted the sales of many bike brands in the country. 

Let’s see what happens this year as there are some chances of price hikes in the coming months due to the worsening political and economic situation.

Which bike brand do you like the most? Tell us in the comment section below.

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