Honda, Yamaha, & Others: Sales Are Falling Faster Than the Temperature!

Honda, Yamaha, & Others: Sales Are Falling Faster Than the Temperature!

Latest by PAMA Pakistan: Motorcycle Sales Showing No Sign of Recovery

The latest PAMA report for the bike sales statistics for November 2022 is out. The numbers are alarming for bike manufacturers. Year-on-year (YOY) bike sales have dropped by almost 33%. Month-on-month (MOM) sales have also dropped by nearly 3%. Monthly bike sales were positive in the previous month’s report

No matter whether we talk about Honda, Yamaha, and some others mentioned in this report, the numbers are negative for most of them. However, when these bike manufacturers faced a decline in the sales of the bike, Suzuki got a notable increase in both monthly and annual comparisons. 

Latest Bike Sales Numbers (PAMA Pakistan)

Let’s take a look at the overall bike sales statistics.

We will compare the following statistics:

  • YOY (year-on-year) sales: 

Sales of bikes in Nov 2022 as compared to their sales in the same month last year (Nov 2021).

  • MOM (month-on-month) sales: 

Sales of bikes in Nov 2022 compared to their sales for the previous month (Oct 2022).

Total Bike Sales Stats

Total YOY sales statistics:

Nov 2021Nov 2022DifferenceDifference (%)

Total MOM sales statistics:

Oct 2022Nov 2022DifferenceDifference (%)

Bikes’ Sales in Pakistan (November 2022)

Let’s see the MoM and YoY sales of bikes in Pakistan.

Month-on-Month (MOM) Bikes’ Sales Data (Oct-22 vs Nov-22)

Here are the MOM sales of popular bike manufacturers/assemblers in Pakistan.


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This table shows that Pak Suzuki has managed to get a +11% increase in its bike sales. United has also gained some more sales compared to last month. The sales of other bike manufacturers including Honda are negative. We will discuss the reasons later.

Year on Year Bike Sales (Oct-21 vs Oct-22)

Here are the year on year bike sales statistics of major bike manufacturers.


As we can see, Suzuki is the lone warrior here. All the other bike manufacturers have faced a massive decline in sales compared to November last year. This data shows even budget-friendly bike manufacturers like Road Prince and United have also faced a sharp decline in their sales. 

Continue reading for the reasons behind this massive decrease.

Winners of Nov 2022

Let’s see the winners of November 2022.

Winners in Terms of the Number of Units (Bikes) Sold

Here are the winners in terms of the number of bikes sold in November. 


Although the sales of Honda have declined compared to the previous month, it is still far ahead in terms of sales compared to the other bike manufacturers. The 2nd on the list is United and the 3rd one is again Suzuki. 

Winners in Terms of % Difference in Units (Bikes) Sold

Let’s see the winners as per percentage difference in bikes sold. 

Suzuki and United are the only winners here. All the other bike manufacturers have a negative figure compared to last month. 

The Losers of Nov 2022

Let’s see the bike brands that have the least number of units (bikes) sold.

Losers in Terms of the Number of Units Sold

Here are the bikes that have the least number of units sold in Nov 2022.

Yamaha and Road Prince have the least number of bikes sold this month. It is an alarming situation for Yamaha. Its sales have declined on a monthly as well as annual basis. The monthly sales have declined by almost -17% whereas the annual difference is around -50%. 

The situation is not different for Road Prince as its monthly and annual sales have declined sharply as well.

Losers in Terms of % Difference in Units Sold

Let’s see the bikes that have lost their sales massively as compared to the previous month.

The difference in bike sales for Road Prince is the highest if we take the percentage into consideration. It is shocking as Road Prince bikes are mostly purchased by low to medium-income people. 

Final Verdict

The reason behind this sharp decline in bike sales is probably the frequent price hikes this year. Even the sales of Chinese bike manufacturers like United Motorcycle and Road Prince are facing a sharp decline in sales. It shows that even the common man is finding it hard to purchase a new bike. Many people have started to buy used bikes due to frequent price hikes by companies this year.

Do you think bike prices are the main reason why bike sales are declining? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.

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