Buying Petrol Bikes in Islamabad Banned: Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi Announces

Buying Petrol Bikes in Islamabad Banned: Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi Announces

Sounds absurd, right? We thought so too! The decision recently announced by the federal interior minister of Pakistan has us wondering what the reason might be for banning the purchase of petrol bikes in Islamabad. However, being a judgemental critic without understanding the whole picture might be wrong. Thus, let us look into the details of this news regarding the ban placed on purchasing petrol bikes in Islamabad.

Why are Petrol Bikes Banned in Islamabad?

The reason following the ban of petrol bikes in Islamabad is Mohsin Naqvi’s goal to make Islamabad a world-class city in the coming years. This decision was announced during a meeting of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) in Islamabad, while discussing the current projects in the city. 

Apart from banning the petrol bikes, the minister proposed certain other environmental measures. These would help in order to make Islamabad an elite city in the world. The interior minister has stressed upon CDA using electric bikes instead of petrol bikes to minimize the pollution. Additionally, he has highlighted that electric buses will soon be introduced as a local mode for transportation for the locals of Islamabad. 

Electric Bikes vs. Petrol Bikes

In the era of a gradually tumbling economy and rising inflation, purchasing a petrol bike is certainly a more convenient and affordable option for traveling for the common people, as opposed to buying a car.

While electric bikes are still a considerable alternative, they are initially highly expensive for the masses in comparison to the regular bikes. Moreover, there are only limited options among electric bikes if we compare them to the regular ones. And the range of electric bikes is also a concern for some citizens who travel a lot. However, they are great for daily inter-city travel.

While the initial cost of an electric bike is high, you may save quite a bit of money in the long-run. Since they do not require petrol or hardly need any maintenance, they can regain the initial cost in no time. Hence, giving you the joy of cost-saving and contributing to an eco-friendly environment.

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In conclusion, Islamabad is already known for its beauty and calm nature. And the implementation of such strategies would only improve the image of the city and help make it a world class city (as anticipated by the Interior Minister). These decisions may provide long-term growth to the city of Islamabad, eventually contributing to the growth of Pakistan. However, the voices of the masses may deem this decision objectionable.

What are your views on the banning of petrol bikes in Islamabad? Share your thoughts below!

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