Range of Electric Bikes: How Far Can They Go?

Range of Electric Bikes: How Far Can They Go?

Electric bikes have charmed us ever since their evolution in the world of motors. Many don’t know but the electric motorcycles accelerate quicker than the traditional petrol bikes available in Pakistan giving a thrilling experience to the riders. Moreover, they are safer for the environment as they do not consume fuel which results in less emissions. Also, their maintenance cost is quite low compared to the traditional motorcycles. However, the major concern of many about the ebikes is their range. So, let us discover the range of electric bikes and see how far they go. 

Battery of The Electric Bike

The range of an electric bike refers to how much distance it can travel in a single run before it needs another charge. The range depends on several factors including the battery type, age of the battery, weight, road quality, average speed and battery capacity. Among these, battery capacity is one of the crucial determinants of how far an electric bike can travel on a single charge. 

Battery Types

Electric batteries can be of different types which includes:

  • Lithium-ion
  • Lead Acid
  • Nickel-cadmium (NiCd)

Lead acids are the oldest and most inexpensive. NiCd are better than the lead acid batteries, however, Lithium-ion batteries are the most efficient of all and are the best to be used.

Moreover, some EV bikes have also been introduced with the Graphene batteries which were experimented to be even better than Lithium-ion batteries. Although the battery types do not determine the range of the EV, they establish the durability of the bike.

Motor Efficiency and Bike Range

Once fully charged, a typical eBike can travel 60-80 km. But depending on the model, the motor power and the battery capacity, it would provide different ranges. Additionally, the efficiency of the electric motor affects how much energy is consumed while riding the bike.

Here is the range of 

ModelBattery TypeMotor PowerBike Range
Jolta JE-70Li BasicLithium-ionUnknown80-90 km
United BulletLithium2000WUp to 90 km
MS Jaguar E70Lithium Iron Phosphate1500WUp to 100 km
Metro E8S ProGraphene2000WUp to 125 km
MS Jaguar E125Lithium Iron Phosphate2000W150-170 km

Disclaimer: The electric bike range estimates can vary widely and are influenced by factors such as extreme temperatures, tire pressure, terrain and maintenance.

Price of Electric Bikes in Pakistan

The price of most electric bikes in Pakistan is between Rs.150,000 – Rs.250,000. You can find a wide variety of electric bikes at OLX.

The Takeaway

In conclusion, electric bikes are an eco-friendly mode of transportation, especially inter-city. Their running cost is quite less compared  to the traditional petrol bikes. Now, we have shown the average electric bike ranges in Pakistan so you can easily plan out your journey by taking careful precautions beforehand. Undoubtedly, their range is far less than a fuel-powered bike. However, driving an electric bike offers a unique, enjoyable and cost-effective experience. With a little more advancement in the battery technology and motor efficiency, electric bikes can offer a far better range and performance. 

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